It was recently forecast that the demand for Solar PV panels will accelerate by ten times in the next two years as a result of the Government's Clean Energy Cash Back scheme. Put side by side with news that the UK has achieved the world's fastest rate of growth in PV solar panel installations, it has to be seen as a continuing positive sign for boosting key trade skills learning on electrical courses and green energy install training for the predicted installation demand.Well over 40,000 systems had been installed by early 2010 in the UK, and with solar power fast becoming the leading source of providing alternative energy, it has been forecast that the number of homes with PV solar panels could reach a quarter of a million by the end of 2010 to around 400,000 by 2014, creating over 30,000 jobs in the same period. Looking even further ahead, The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) forecast that more than 800,000 homes could be powered by PV solar panels over 25 years.Installation of renewable Green Energy appliances and systems, whether in homes or workplaces, is growing to be a big part of training to be an electrician, with knowledge and practical skills learning on PV solar courses easily becoming the natural step for trainee electricians.There are a wide range of PV systems that can be installed according to the results of a green energy assessment. A system can be roof or ground mounted, roof integrated, grid connected, stand alone or a tracker system. Solar PV panels consist of modular panels made of silicon, which react directly to sunlight to generate electric current. The Photovoltaic cells can generate energy even when overcast and cloudy as the panels require ambient light rather than direct sunlight. As the panels produce DC electricity, a small inverter is fitted inside the house, to change the DC into standard AC supply.Renewable technology is the future of energy, heating and lighting as the Government is committed to progressively reducing the UK's level carbon emissions over the next 10 - 50 years. The present changes in the economy, construction projects and residential domestic housing will mean that there is a constant shortage of trained 'green' electricians qualified and competent to take their part in rolling out the green energy schemes.All trainee electricians without any prior knowledge or experience are able to start their career training immediately on a City & Guilds NVQ Electrical 2330 Level 2 course, which provides an introduction to all the necessary comprehensive knowledge and required practical skills before proceeding on to Electrical NVQ 2356, Level 3 in order to be considered industry ready. Both levels 2 and 3 can be taken in one complete course which incorporates many additional knowledge areas.