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Solar PV Panel Installation Frenzy!

If there's one industry that is showing significant development in stark contrast to those sectors appearing to be in the slow lane for recovery from recent UK recession, it's the fast rising solar PV industry!Newly released figures from Capital Green, global recruitment consultancy in key environmental and renewable energy categories, show an employment increase by 32 per cent for the first months of 2011 in the UK solar industry. Importantly, this included a percentage of installation jobs, alongside engineering, and project management jobs within the workforce.In fact, according to some estimates within the PV rental installations sector, one solar panel is installed every three minutes in the UK. Whether this solar frenzy may be attributed to the higher than average incidence of hot sunny days in the Spring months, it has been reported that April 2011 has apparently gone on record as being the biggest month for solar energy installation in the UK.It's a good thing too, as the requirements for moving the UK's energy consumption to sustainable sources and meet EU carbon reduction targets within ten years is increasingly under pressure. The demand for skilled and qualified installers will also need to significantly rise to handle the changeover as nearly every week, new renewable energy building projects are unveiled around the country.The development of AbleSkills 2-storey renewables energy centre, is designed to?