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Solar PV Shows Upward UK Trend In First Quarter 2011!

Great news for candidates about to enrol on solar PV courses or soon to qualify! Latest UK figures just released show a strong upward trend for solar photovoltaic systems as the No.1 choice for FeedIn Tariff installations.Despite an ongoing, struggling economy and changes announced as a result of the government review of the FeedInTariff Scheme (FiTs), the solar PV industry is rapidly developing as householders and commercial businesses across the UK adopt renewable energy technology to light and heat their properties.The undoubted popularity for solar panel systems and the increasing demand for industry approved and qualified, MSC registered installers has been reflected in growing enrolment figures on solar courses at AbleSkills Renewable Energy Centre.Since AbleSkills unveiled its' two storey facility last November to supply both new and experienced electricians and plumbers with the full knowledge training and hands-on skills in an extensive range of renewable energy courses, the centre, based in SE England at the heart of the solar PV installation boom, has seen its very own 'upward trend'.In the first quarter of 2011, i.e. between January 1st and 31st March, figures just released by Ofgem, the UK electricity and gas market regulatory body, show that 96 per cent of FiTs installations were solar PV panel systems. Furthermore, figures recorded for the entire first FiTs period to date, i.e. April 2010 to March 2011, clearly demonstrate increased growth with a total of 28,000 solar PV installations completed.Apr - Jun 2010: 2, 700 solar PV installationsJul - Sep 2010: 7, 827Oct - Dec 2010: 6,698Jan - Mar 2011: 11,383Further good news for those trainee and experienced electricians keen to supply the traditional householder market is that the residential sector makes up the majority of solar installations, totalling 73MW. Once again the upward tend is shown by a tripling of the total power installed in households, jumping from 6MW to 19.092 MW in the first to second quarters, and from 16MW to over 30MW in the third to fourth quarters.As previously, the regional breakdown for FiTs installations highlights the predominance of the southern regions of the UK, with the majority of solar PV panels installed on roofs in the south east and south west.Final good piece of news is that the recent FiTs review leaves the tariff for the domestic residential installation market untouched in order to encourage the ordinary UK householder to take up the scheme - and bolster up the already surging demand for trained and qualified solar PV installers.