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Solar PV Surge On London And SE Local Borough Scheme!

Installation of solar photovoltaic systems in the domestic residential sector is enjoying a huge confidence surge! News of one of the UK's largest solar panel schemes to date has just been announced to help ordinary housing association tenants to obtain the benefits of solar energy generation.The government has been seen to favour the development of the domestic 2-50kW solar panel installation sector, which has led to the numbers of trained and qualified PV installers to have doubled to over an estimated 17,500. To date, some 20,000 Solar PV installations have been completed under the feed-in tariff scheme with a combined capacity of 76.66MW. It is forecast that the UK could be installing some 180,000 solar panels each year by 2015, and to over 300,000 by 2020.While extensive local authority solar PV schemes have been recently announced around the country from Scotland to the West Country, the latest news concerns the Peabody Group, which includes London housing associations Peabody and CBHA, who have just signed off a ?