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This year has been strange but next year seems like the time to get back on track with making the most of life. If you have lost your job to coronavirus or you are simply looking for new opportunities then becoming an electrician is a great ambition to have. There is always work for electricians and they are earning more than ever , even during the lockdown that ended as of today. Here at our training centre, we have remained open since the end of August providing comprehensive electrician courses with social distancing measures in place. We offer lots of different training options, however, if you are looking to kick-start a career as an electrician there is not a better choice that our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package - This collection of courses offers almost every course that we teach from an electrical point of view and will effectively teach you to become a professional from scratch. The course is called 'Gold Card' as it will set you up to obtain a CSCS Gold card meaning that you can work on sites across the country as an ‘Approved Electrician’.


Electrician courses

Here is an example of the CSCS Gold Card.


What's included?


This package includes our City & Guilds Level 2 course, City & Guilds Level 3, PAT Testing, 18th Edition, Inspection & Testing as well as an AM2 assessment! This is a huge package of training courses and will take around just over 16-weeks to complete.  This is a great opportunity to gain all of your training in the same package. The initial 14-weeks of training will include a real mix of both hands-on practical learning and classroom-based theory sessions taught by our talented instructors who have years of experience both teaching and working out in the industry themselves.


You will start with learning the fundamental requirements for undertaking an electrical installation as well as information relating to the structure and organisation of the electrical industry. Our instructors will be there to guide you to entire journey and will make sure that all students on the course have a good understand of the current topic before moving forward. The process of becoming an electrician is not easy, however, we have been teaching the trade for almost 20-years, we really do understand what students need from us and what goes in to taking somebody from a novice level to being prepared and ready to begin working in the industry!


The package also provides you with the following which are yours to keep:


  • Comprehensive CK Toolkit
  • City & Guilds level 2 text book
  • City & Guilds level 3 text book
  • Access to Smartscreen


How do I get started?


Currently we have spaces available on this all-inclusive package starting from August 2nd and September 13th in 2021! You can book courses with us in a few different ways. Firstly, you can directly contact our office staff over the phone on 01322 280 202 - Over the phone we are happy to answer any questions and generally provide guidance as well as process your booking. You are also welcome to visit our office in person, we can even take you on a guided tour around our centre and book courses with you in person. Finally, you can secure your place on many of the courses that we offer online. Take a look through our website, on each course page there is a button 'Reserve your Space' where you can see the available starting dates and fill in your details. Take a look below at the online booking form for this Gold Card Approved Electrician Package...




Contact us:


If you would like to find out more information about the variety of Electrician courses that we offer - Call us on 01322 280 202, we are happy to help in any way that we can, whether you have some questions about how the course works, need some advice or you are looking to secure your place on a specific training option. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our training centre in person, we encourage anybody interested in training with us to pay us a visit in person as long as you are being conscious of social distancing guidelines. Whilst here we can discuss the options available in more detail and even take you on a guided tour around our centre so that you can see for yourself the great work that we do here. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30!


Live too far? If you live a considerable distance from our training centre, you should know that we offer accommodation to our students for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! Our accommodation properties are all within a short walking distance and has access to local amenities. The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students. - If you are interested give us a call ahead of your electrician courses' starting date as spaces are limited!


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