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Spark Your Electrical Career With 17th Edition Courses

Anyone looking to work within the electrical industry should take 17th edition courses in order to demonstrate awareness of the latest wiring regulations.Engineers who are not fully up-to-date with the latest wiring regulations could risk losing out on business and in some extreme cases may actual put people or equipment at risk.Clients and customers would like to ensure that as an electrical engineer you are compliant with the very latest understandings and regulations as laid down by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE).The 17th edition courses can be tailored to provide either a complete fresh start for those looking to enter the industry, or a clear and helpful explanation of the changes compared to the previous regulations.Able Skills are proud to be able to offer both formats of these 17th edition courses and invite any potential trainees to visit our facilities, have a chat with one of our instructors and discuss the learning with existing students.These electrical courses are based entirely in the classroom and introduce the application of the latest regulations through explanation and worked examples.