Specific Changes Made For ECS Cardholders



We previously notified you guys about the new changes being made to the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme(ECS). Such changes are set to affect all cardholders and for those who may not be fully aware, it's these same cards which prove the competency of those who work within the electrical industry. Today we'll outline the specific changes that are being made for each type of card including their requirements.


All apprentices out there holding 17th Edition knowledge are able to become a Registered Electrician until December 31st 2018. They also have until July 2019 to pass their 18th Edition Qualification should they wish to maintain such title.


As of the 1st of August, those who are looking to apply for their first Labourer card now need to adhere by a new set of rules stating they need to undertake the ECS HS&E Assessment and hold a JIB approved theory qualification. Alternatively, aspiring labourers can undergo a specific H&S course, prove employment in the electrical industry and hold the ECS HS&E assessment.


In order to qualify for the Managers' card, you must either have or met the ECS Gold Card requirements, or hold a level 4 management qualification such as BTEC, Degree or JIB recognised company programme. Please note you'll also have to undergo the ECS HS&E Assessment and a specific H&S course like the requirements for the Labourer card.

Looking to apply for the Gold Card?

Anyone applying for an Installation or Maintenance Electrician gold card for the first time after January 2019 must sign up to Registered Electrician status. Requirements for such card include successfully passing the 18th Edition Course.

What if you're an Installation Electrician Gold Card Holder or already a registered Electrician?

If you're a Gold Card holder and renew it on time, you'll have nothing to worry about. However if your card proves more than a year out of date as of July 2019, you’ll have to meet the requirements for Registered Electrician (including holding the 18th Edition qualification) should you be looking to renew your card. If you're already a registered Electrician, then all you need to do is make sure you're up to date with the latest wiring regulations (18th Edition).

No More Site Visitor Cards

The ECS Site Visitor card is being withdrawn in accordance to the decision made by CSCS. As of the 1st of August this year, no more applicants would have been accepted meaning from the new year, existing card holders will not be able to renew their card.

Related Discipline Cards

This particular card applies to roles such as, Field Engineer, Equipment Installer, AV engineer, Ariel and Satellite Engineer, Security Systems Installer and Controls System Installer.In order to qualify for such card, those aspiring to do so will need to have passed the newly launching ECS Electrical Safety Unit Test, provide evidence of sector specific training or a relevant qualification and pass the ECS HS&E Assessment or a valid exemption. Please note that this is yet to come into action.

Site Support

Site Support cards are suitable for those assisting the administration of a contract and need access to site. Relevant roles include Design Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Commissioning Engineer, IT Manager, H & S Manager, CAD Engineer and Compliance Auditor. Applicants will also need to provide evidence of employment with an electrical contractor, pass a specific H&S course and hold the ECS HS&E Assessment. (Providing you're not already exempt)

Exemptions to The ECS Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment:

electrician Courses

Able Skills Electrical Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

If you have gained one of these qualifications in the past 3 years, then you won't have to retake such exams until the next time you wish to renew. Please note, the date must be what's shown on your qualification certificate.

Now this is obviously set to affect many jobs for those who work within the UK. Whether starting out on sight or working your way up to manager as stated earlier, it's very likely you guys may undertake the following Electrical Courses: