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Start a career in tiling

Practising a trade in tiling can be a rewarding career, both moneywise and in terms of job satisfaction. As one of the oldest trades, that began with mosaics of ancient times, tiling involves everything from design, right up to the end product of a fully tiled bathroom, kitchen or floor.

The majority of tiling work is done in the bathroom or the kitchen, but tiled floors are also becoming very popular due to their classical look and their ease of cleaning. In addition, a great many sizes and sort of tile can be found these days, so people can tailor their interior to have a specific look. Tiling courses teach people how to undertake consultations with clients in order to help them choose the right tiles for their purpose depending on room size and usage, then measure up, cut and install tiles, and finish off the look with a particular colour grout.

Often, plumbing courses will contain a certain amount of tiling, but if you want to move beyond the basics of tiling to create bespoke bathroom and kitchen designs for example, then a carefully-tailored course in tiling with different methods will ensure you have a varied and successful career as a tiler. Of course, there is a crossover with landscape gardening too, when it comes to patio and path installation, so a tilling certificate on your CV will open up all manner of construction career opportunities across the board.