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Still More To Come For Our Electrical Courses

electrical courses Able Skills Electrical Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

What we show you on the live videos of our Electrical Courses doesn't even scratch the surface compared to what really goes on in our electrical centres! Regardless of what you see, just know that it's impossible to show the true progression of our students in such a short amount of time in camera. Students have been taught the theoretical aspect of the trade in classrooms and gone over what the plan is for the day.

You can imagine the transformation anyone who enrolls onto one of our Electrical Courses makes as this course openly welcomes anyone who doesn't even hold any previous electrical experience. To go from say an office based job, a deliver driver or even another trade to gaining a City & Guilds qualification in electrics is a massive accomplishment and only those with a goal in mind will excel on a course like this.

We welcome students from any background, regardless of your work experience as our aim is to teach you how to fish! Training you from the ground up is what we've been doing for nearly 20 years and have become the UK's leading training provider by doing so.

Look out for future live videos of the Electrical Courses we have running and in the mean time feel free to browse our Electrical Courses here!