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Student Stories - Stephen

Stephen was once a Banker but after long hours and difficulty travelling into the city he decided it was time for a change. He headed for the plumbing industry by training at Able Skills.

Initially, Stephen had just booked onto the Level 2 Plumbing course, however as he progressed through the course he decided that he wanted to expand his knowledge further so he booked onto the Level 3 Plumbing course.

Throughout his course he had Mike for Level 2 and Jim for Level 3 as his instructors and he was very pleased with both of them and the way they were able to help him develop his skills during the course. Also Stephen had mentioned how he was able to come and view the centre before he booked the course so he could see if it was the right place for him. He described the service at Able Skills as “very professional” from all staff in the office when booking his course and making payments to all the instructors that had helped him gain his qualifications.

After 20 years in the Banking industry, Stephen felt the time was right to start a new and enjoyable career and after looking around he decided that plumbing was what he wanted to do and he chose Able Skills to train. Stephen has completely changed his career around and is now looking forward to a very successful career as a Plumber. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always retrain and start a new career.

Stephen said “Mike and Jim have been fantastic for both my courses, I have given me everything I had wanted and more, you can’t fault their hard work and knowledge. They both gave me great advice moving to the future.”

One of our plumbing centres One of our plumbing centres

At the end of two very successful courses, Stephen has made the decision to stay at Able Skills and get his Gas qualifications so he can offer more in his work and to boost his CV further and make him more employable for clients and to become a Gas Safe Engineer.

After having a deep thought about his future, Stephen is now ready to start up his own business for Plumbing and Gas services.

We will look forward to seeing Stephan again in January for his Gas course!

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