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Student Story: Greg’s six courses at Able Skills!

Every student story at Able Skills is different, whether it is a different course or a completely different reason for training. However, not every student can say they started training all the way back in 2008.

Greg has a very unique student story and he first came to Able Skills all the way back in 2008 to complete two weeks of carpentry training. Since his first course he has always loved coming back to Able Skills for more training.

Before he came to Able Skills, Greg was working in the motor industry and he had his own body shop. He offered services such as car paint work and car repairs, however, he wasn’t enjoying it very much and he decided to go back to the building trade, which he was previously in.

This career change has allowed Greg to begin a very successful new career and he has never stopped training and learning new skills to better himself. Eight years down the line and Greg is back to Able Skills to complete some more training and this time he is completing a gas course with us.

After completing courses in carpentry, tiling, plumbing, plastering and electrics, with breaks in between to start working, Greg started his new self-employed business. Greg completed two weeks of training for each trade and is now a domestic installer in electrics, as well as completing the 17th Edition course.

Greg has his unique student story at Able Skills. Greg has his unique student story at Able Skills.

Throughout his time at Able Skills he had always thought about completing his gas training and had spoken to our gas instructors for some advice. After chats with them he decided to go ahead with it and after three weeks of training he started to go out there with a gas engineer to complete his portfolio. However, Greg was so busy with his other jobs he never actually completed his portfolio and couldn’t come back and complete his ACS.

With lots of other work, he never got the chance to start again and after coming into Able Skills earlier this year he spoke to the office staff and he decided it was best to start from scratch. Greg was pleased to do this as it has helped him learn more and feel more confident. As his course finishes this week he hopes to get his portfolio finished and back in for his ACS early in 2017.

After completing so many courses at Able Skills, Greg has really got to know his way around our training centre. Greg has said this about being able to start a new career “Thanks to Able Skills I have been able to start a new career”.

Greg has been able to get to know everyone very well at Able Skills and he can always speak to all his past instructors to get some advice or tips on a subject.

He even suggested that his training wasn’t completed as he answered maybe to a bricklaying course sometime in the future.

Greg is now out there working with his own business, completing jobs such as extensions, kitchens, bathrooms and a bit of everything.

After a quite unique student story, we would like to wish Greg the best of luck for the future.

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