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Student Story - James Heath

Our Electrical Courses prove to be a popular challenge as our pupil James Heath is in his final week of his 4 week Domestic Installer Course to which he referred to as ‘full on’. The 4th week consists of ‘Inspection & Testing’ and James welcomes the theory and practical exams at the end of this week.

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James had an unexpected career change after realising the huge potential of the electrical industry having worked in retail for so many years. James explained his interest grew after he saw the direction electricians were heading and said it is an essential skill to have as he aims to pursue a career in starting his own construction company.

James was overwhelmed when he found a course provider local to him, where he could begin his new career. James has always had an interest within electrics as he says his passion stems from doing all house improvements himself. He went on to explain that ‘I thought I knew a thing or two before I started this course. It turns out my existing knowledge was minimal and I was surprised at how in depth the course goes. The problem I had before was not being able to certify the work I had done on my house’. When asked how well the learning prepared him for his exams he replied ‘the materials provided are really helpful. There are even tests included in the studypack that I can refer to for practise to make sure I’m up to scratch’.

Having learnt so much in a short period of time, James told us the first thing on his list is to re-do the work he has done on his own house! Once he has applied what he has learnt in such a short period of time, James will begin the private work he already has lined up! Without such electrical courses being available, James wouldn’t have been able to continue with such work so fast. James looks forward to his theory and practical exams this week and cannot wait to officially say he has completed the 4 week course.

All the best James. Should you need any further help, you know where to find us!