The Able Skills Introduction to Plastering course helped Sophie Morris build a career in the industry.

After spending the best part of 20 years helping the next generations of trade talent take their first steps towards a career in construction, we’ve always considered ourselves incredibly lucky to have had some part to play in a long list of amazing journeys. 

Whether a person is entering their industry for the very first time, is looking to gain recognised qualifications or just wants to brush up on their DIY skills, we’re grateful for every last person who chooses to hone their skills with us.

Naturally then, we also love catching up with our graduates to find out what they’ve gone on to do once their studies have been completed—that’s exactly why we launched our series of Student Success Stories. 

In our latest instalment, we touched base with Sophie Morris. Sophie completed the Introductory to Plastering course with Able Skills, and has since gone on to qualify with the PCA and work as a Plasterer and Damp Proofer. 

What attracted you to the industry? 

Sophie told us she wanted to enter the trades due to the mixture of different jobs she could work on, along with the priceless flexibility the industry could offer. 

“I really wanted to go down a career path with a good variety in the day-to-day tasks. Going into a profession that offered an element of freedom was another big selling point too.” 

How did your training help?

Along with paving the way for her new career, Sophie pointed out that before any of that, her plastering course did actually come in handy from a more personal perspective. 

“My training played a huge part in getting me where I am today. I was even able to practice my finish on my own home as I was renovating at the time.” 

Have you found anything surprising since you started working in the industry?

“One thing that surprised me was to find out how big commercial jobs are completed using machinery, and the variety of materials actually available on the market.”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to build a career in your trade?

“I wish I had gotten weekend work sooner after my course as I did have big gaps of time where I wasn't plastering.

“In terms of the actual work—don't play with it, just get it on, look after your tools and don't get plaster in your eye!”

That’s great advice, thanks Sophie!

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Interested in a career in plastering yourself?

Or just wanting to develop your skills for home renovation? The Able Skills Introduction to Plastering course is a five-day intensive programme ideal for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of the skill, opening up a route to formal qualifications should you choose to pursue it. 

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