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Students Enjoying our Plastering Facilities!

What do our students think of our plastering facilities?


What do our students think of our plastering facilities? Well, our two instructors work hard to develop novices into fully-fledged professionals, throughout our plastering courses! We have enough space so that many students can work in the same space without interference.

We offer a variety of diffrent courses here depending on skill level and what you need to develop your plastering ability for. If you are just looking to add plastering to your skill set, but it's not your main pursuit, then we recommend our City & Guilds 4-week Plastering Certificate.

If you are looking to take on plastering full time then you will need to take a full-time course! We have a 10-week Plastering Diploma Level 2 Course this is a relatively new qualification that meets the needs of people looking to work in the plastering industry. This course will provide you with comprehensive plastering training!

In order to complete the 10-week Plastering Diploma Level 2 Course, you will have to take a practical assessment to demonstrate the skills you have learnt, in addition, you will have to prove your knowledge in an online assessment. Good luck!


Here's what a couple of our students had to say:


J Coleman

“Excellent course. Very good tutors all around, who made the week great and a great place to learn. Joe was brilliant and was always on hand to help or answer any questions we had.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

S Moonie

“Plastering far exceeded my expectations for the course. Spencer is a great teacher and I would highly recommend.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

What one student had to say:


After speaking to Chris he had a lot of positive things to say about our facilities, he is taking a City & Guilds Plastering Course after feeling like a career change due to being bored every day at his old job as a ticket inspector!

Why did you choose Able Skills?


Because I live locally, in Gravesend and I read a lot of positive things about the centre online. Once I Googled 'Plastering course' Able Skills was one of the first results I saw. Everything fell into place from there and I called to book my training.

Why do you think of the facilities?


Plastering centre is really good! The two instructors are really clear, friendly and make training here simple yet challenging. I've learnt so much, the instructors have a high expectation of students which made me want to do better every day! Making sure my plastering was smooth and try not to show any trowel marks or undulations as it is, essentially, the finished surface of the walls and ceilings in your new home. 

Need more information?


If you would like some advice on any of our plastering courses, you can come to our centre. We are open 7-days a week! Anytime between 8:30 - 4:30Alternately, if you would prefer to talk to  us feel free to call us with any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245

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