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Students React To New Government Electrical Safety Plans For PRS!

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Last summer the government announced plans to officially introduce new rules regarding electrical safety within privately rented homes. This of course is a major step forward for the sector as there have been countless reports of electrical faults which have lead to minor as well as major accidents. More noticeably, Grenfell Tower gained huge coverage and lead to a massive investigation into the Inspection and Testing of the building. With reports pointing the finger towards electrical safety, the government have now legally introduced strict rules which help safeguard tenants.

Here are some of the big changes being made...

  • Introducing legislation to make five-yearly electrical safety checks mandatory
  • Producing new guidance for landlords that demonstrates the levels of qualification and competence required to carry out electrical inspections
  • A commitment to ensuring the regulations are properly enforced and that there are real penalties for failing to comply

Being a construction training provider, Electrical Courses and Electrician Training is something we cater for so we thought it would be a good idea to see what our very own students think of the changes! We spoke to 2 students currently undergoing the City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course and they raised some interesting points!

Here's what our students had to say!

Liam Cole

"I actually rent a house out myself and we've had problems with our Landlord before about the wiring when we first moved in. I think he was trying to save himself a few quid, but I don't care for a few quid when I've got a 5 year old to think about. I think it's good the government are finally stepping in because people like me have been ignored for quite a while"

Jordan Marsh

"There's no reason as to why this wasn't already in place. I hear about a lot of electrical incidents due to rogue traders but what this does is not only good for tenants but good for electricians as well because it means more work for guys like us in the future"

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The ECA also had a lot to say on the matter

The ECA Director of Technical Steve Martin commented:

“ECA has long argued for regular electrical checks to take place in privately rented homes. It is vital that tenants feel safe wherever they live, and that landlords are provided with a cost-effective and practical way forward, which these proposals deliver.

“An important test will lie in the enforcement regime, and it is vital that those with oversight, such as councils, have the tools they need to ensure landlords follow the law. It is now key that the Government puts these plans into law at the nearest opportunity.”

The ECA Director of Employment and Skills Andrew Eldred also added:

“The Government’s response represents a pragmatic, practicable approach that will ensure that businesses with a properly qualified and skilled workforce who follow good industry practice can deliver this vital work.

ECA backs Government plans to provide new guidance to landlords that will put qualifications at the heart of proving the competency of those carrying out the work.”

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Where have we heard this before?

Interestingly enough, this ties into what Scotland are trying to achieve... As SELECT campaign for the professional recognition of Electricians, this will assist in protecting the public from rogue traders who lie about the Electrical Courses and Qualifications they say they have undergone. All of this is an attempt to crack down on sub standard work with the public's best interests at heart!

Electrical safety is something that most certainly needs to be addressed and we agree with the changes over here at Able Skills. From keeping the public safe, to giving electricians the recognition they deserve, when put into perspective it really does make sense. Let us know what you think!