Suspended sentence for unregistered plumber!


An Essex plumber who carried out unsafe and unregistered gas work on a gas cooker and boiler in September 2016 has been given a suspended prison sentence recently, this is another case of workers carrying out Gas work without being Gas Safe Registered...There is no benefit whatsoever for not being registered! He was previously given a probation notice for carrying out illegal gas work in the past but that didn't stop him from attempting to work yet again and therefore has now been sentenced.


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Suspended sentence for unregistered plumber!


He was not registered with Gas Safe Register and did not possess the necessary qualifications for carrying out gas work. In this particular case as he didn't have any Gas qualifications. This man obviously showed a clear disregard for the law and put a number of people’s lives at risk. Carrying out gas work is difficult, specialised and potentially very dangerous. It is therefore vital that only registered gas engineers, who are trained and competent, work on gas appliances and fittings.

Our view:


Here at Able Skills, we promote health & safety, regulation and press for all of our Gas students to become Gas Safe Registered once they complete a full course here. This is obviously good for us as it means we are producing registered and legal workers but it is also of tremendous benefit to you! Don't take the risk there is absolutely no reason for it, the application fee is around £362.00, in the long run, this could save you time, money and problems.

Besides the Gas Safe, Register does carry out investigations, around 2,000 illegal gas work investigations were carried out in the last three years. More than two-thirds of which (69%) were found to be unsafe, meaning the people living in the properties investigated were in potential danger from faulty gas work. Don't put yourself in danger and don't put the lives of others in danger.

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Here at Able Skills, we run a variety of courses in all types of trades. Gas courses are very popular and can help you reach your goals. Our instructors can take you from being a complete novice to becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. From our New Entrant Gas Training Package 1 to ACS assessments and everything in between. The training we offer here at Able Skills is a mix of practical and theory as it makes for a well-rounded worker who is knowledgeable about the subject they are tasked with not just the following procedures, but actually understanding them.

Check out our full list of Gas courses here: 

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If you would like some more information on any of the Gas courses we run here at Able Skills then check our website for details. If you still need further details then do not hesitate to call us on 08081003245, we will help you with booking and course information. If you would rather speak to a representative in person, then you can come down to our office any day of the week between the hours of 8:30 - 4:30!