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Swap the briefcase for a Plumbing qualification!

The plumbing industry is currently booming and the opportunity to earn a higher wage is bigger than ever before!

Some people will make excuses about it being too late to train or they haven’t got the time. However it is never too late to train and there is always a way to make time to train. Home Study courses are the answer for this, completing a Level 2 Plumbing course is made extremely flexible as you can complete and learn all theory work in your own time at home, on the bus, on the train, wherever you want you can complete the theory work. Once you feel confident you will then be required to complete 4 weeks of practical work.

This is becoming an incredibly popular option to choose as a route into the plumbing industry. With the flexibility of the course it is perfect for the people that claim they can’t find the time to complete the course because it allows them to complete all theory work in the comfort of their homes. Many people that have completed a Home Study have proved everyone wrong about being too old to train in a different industry. It allows you to train and learn a whole new subject while continuing to work and earning a living and being able to pay for the course!

Right now is better than ever to become a Plumber as there is such a shortage of fully qualified Plumbers the chance to get regular work is very high and the possibility to earn a higher wage is much better than it has ever been before with some Plumbers earning near to £100k each year!

Don’t waste no time in the debate whether to change careers! Drop that briefcase and pick up a Plumbing qualification and start earning some big money as a Plumber!

Able Skills offers Level 2 Plumbing Home Study, we provide you with all learning materials to help you on your way to a successful Plumbing career. Contact us on 01322 280202 to get started!