careerA recent article in the Daily Mail has said how younger people should aspire for a career in the construction industry rather than Lawyers etc. The earning capacity of someone in the building trade is a lot higher than some other professions these days. This is down to the skills shortage along with the high volume of house building work ongoing across the UK.

The Daily Mail reads:

“All over Britain, skilled tradesmen are now bringing home up to six times the average wage. A junior doctor earns £23,000 a year, working night shifts and long hours. A newly qualified sparky, by contrast, can easily make £1,500 a week.”

You can read the rest of this fantastic article here:

Getting qualified in a skilled trade could put you on track for a fantastic career with great earning potential. Gaining the right qualifications and training is vital to make sure you can carry out the work to the standard required.

Here at Able Skills we are a private training provider that offers training in all of construction and technical trades. We are a City & Guilds approved centre and achieving a City & Guilds qualification is a great stepping stone as you enter the industry. City & Guilds qualifications are well-recognised in the industry and many highly skilled workers will have a City & Guilds qualification.

With lots of younger people getting in thousands of pounds of debt after finishing University and struggling to find work. The construction industry is booming with lots of work and the need for skilled workers are needed. It is now a time where a career in construction is much more appealing than a career as a doctor or a lawyer.

Lots of work is going on around the UK in terms of House Building and the Kent and the rest of the South East of England has the most amount fo construction work ongoing.

If you are not sure what you want to do with your life, then maybe a career in construction could be the way forward and not the glamour of a day to day office worker.

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