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The 18th Edition In Full Effect!

1 day 18th edition update course The 18th Edition Course at Able Skills

Last July saw the introduction of the latest wiring regulations, other wise known at the 18th Edition. If you work within electrics you'll will have most certainly had your's booked in by now as legally, you will not be able to carry out electrical installations without such qualification.

Being a major necessity within the industry, Able Skills made it easier for you guys to get your qualification done and dusted which we speak about further down...But let's quickly go over some of the key changes made in the 18th Edition.

Some key changes in the 18th Edition are as follows:

  • The requirements on SPD (surge protection device) consideration and usage have been revised.
  • There are new requirements for AFDDs (arc fault detection devices) have been considered.
  • Requirements for cabling support and fixings have changed.
  • More emphasis has been placed on protective devices being selected properly and working together in a system.
  • There have been some changes applying to work within special locations.
  • There is a new appendix on energy efficiency.

Able Skills make it possible for all electricians out there to become up to date with the latest wiring regulations through 2 training options:

3 Day Course

This 3 day 18th Edition Course is entirely theory based

The latest wiring regulations, not just the 18th Edition, but future regulations too, will continue to heighten the quality of electrical systems in the UK putting the public's health and safety at the heart of it's changes.

1 Day Update Course

18th edition courses

The exclusive 1 Day 18th Edition Update Course is open to those who have successfully completed the 17th Edition since the last amendment was published. Such course enables students to become up to scratch with the latest wiring regulations with the same 60 question - 2 hour exam, in a much shorter time.

Please note that if you haven't previously undergone the 17th Edition, you will still have to undergo the full 3 day 18th Edition Course. If you have however, then you immediately become eligible for this new course covering the changes that have been introduced into the latest wiring regulations as well as practice questions to prepare you even further for the big exam.

As we've said before, 2019 sees holding the 18th Edition under you belt as a LEGAL REQUIREMENT if you want to work on electrical installations. With this being a key aspect of being an electrician, the industry demands you guys stay up to date. If you wish to find out more, please click here for further course information!