The absence of female electricians!


Here at Able Skills we teach students from all walks of life, everybody is welcome! But that does not change the fact that there is an unbalance of males to females who get evolves with trades such as electrics. In fact, only 1% of UK based electricians are women and out of the 255,283 electricians operating within the UK, female electricians only make up a mere 2,180.

Obliviously this isn't going to change overnight, but if you interested in getting some electrical training then you're in the right place, we have been teaching electrics for over 10+ years - We are the number one provider of electrical training in Kent! To start out if you have no experience whatsoever then you may want to take on our Introduction to Basic Domestic Electrics before taking on a more lengthy qualification. Also this course will give you and idea of whether the trade is for you and presents you with the option to continue or not as the course is only 10-days in total. Do not think that because the course is only 10-days that you will not learn anything of value, we take these courses very seriously, you will, upon completion have complete confidence in the fundamentals of domestic installation. The course is a mix between theory and practical - The practical aspects give you the opportunity to work in areas building various circuits, the theory sessions ensure that you understand why you are building these circuits and how to ensure safety.


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Electrical courses here at Able Skills


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If you would like some more information about any of the _ courses that we offer here at Able Skills, then don't wait any longer just give us a call on 01322 280 202. Alternatively, you can come into our office - We are located in Dartford just a short walk away from the train station. Feel free to come in ask questions, seek guidance and even to take a look around our centre to get a feel for the environment that you will be learning in. If you live a considerable distance from us and that is the factor that is holding you back from training with us then do not fret! We have accommodation available just a short walking distance from our facility for just £20 per night!


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electrical courses

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