The construction industry is a huge part of the UK economy! Like all industries in the UK, the construction industry is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, now that life is getting back to normal, so is the rate of construction.

In fact, the industry is booming right now with investments into infrastructure, public sector construction projects, new housing and more. The problem is a skills shortage is sweeping through the UK construction sector just as the industry needs to create thousands of jobs to cope with a strong rebound from the pandemic.

construction industry

The industry has suffered from a lack of skilled workers for some time. Now that the industry is thriving the shortage has never been more plain to see. Bottom line, the industry needs to tradespeople in all areas from bricklayers to carpenters, something around 216,800 within the next 4-years!

The infrastructure and housing sectors will be the main drivers of growth over the next four years. One benefit for those already in the industry is that this surge in demand coupled with shortages, means that higher rates are being paid to attract trades in short supply. Employers are in competition to fulfil their staffing requirements to keep projects on track.

Why is there a shortage?

The skills shortage in construction has been a growing concern for construction companies, and as more time goes by, the problem becomes more pressing. One of the main reasons for the UK skills shortage, specifically in the construction industry, is an ageing workforce. Mixed with a lack of young people getting involved in trades.

Everyone knows a young person with an education who is currently struggling to break into the professional world. You may even know people who have lost their jobs throughout the pandemic. Yet those in the construction industry are making a fantastic living and have a real sense of job security and even have the opportunity to become self-employed. Do not ignore the trades. There is money to be made and life-long careers in the industry waiting for young people.

Interested in learning a trade?

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