Able Skills has been providing Electrician training courses for many years. During that time we have seen a lot of shifts in the industry and new technology. Nobody could have expected the pandemic. However, one thing that hasn't seemed to change is the lack of female electricians.

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Numbers are on the rise not just in electrics but in all trades. In fact, there are now 50% more women working in trade professions including electricians, plumbers and construction workers in the UK than ten years ago. Yet this isn't enough overall that still equates to about 1% of electricians being women.

Frankly...The industry needs more skilled workers. Men or women. This period after lockdown has brought with it huge demand for tradespeople. The lack of women in the trade is kind of obvious, however, the world is changing and the perception of women in trade skills needs to change.

Women make more money?

Women thinking about a new line of work should consider a trade like electrics. There is growing demand for skilled workers like electricians and not only is work in the skilled trades meaningful, and satisfying it’s financially rewarding as well.

In fact, within the male dominated trade sector, women who become entrepreneurs with their own skilled trades businesses are more likely to enjoy higher salaries and greater flexibility, even those who stick with being employees may earn 20% - 30% more in the skilled trades.

Thinking about a new career path?

Electricians make a fantastic living and have complete job stability. They have the power to become self-employed, start a business and overall is a very attractive opportunity for anyone.

At our centre we make career goals a reality through comprehensive training. We focus on helping new-entrants gain the skills, confidence, qualifications and knowledge they need to become full-qualified electricians.

If you are looking to start a new career in the electrical industry, then know that we have some of the best facilities out there, years of experience and expert instructors here to help you follow a straightforward path to success and new opportunities.

How do I start?

As a new entrant it is important for you to get the strongest foundation possible to build upon. We offer a package completely specialised for those with little to no experience looking to learn the trade from scratch.

Our Gold Card Approved Package is a structured path from novice to professional that includes 6-steps. These are our City & Guilds Level 2 course, City & Guilds Level 3, PAT Testing, 18th Edition, Inspection & Testing as well as an AM2 assessment!

This is a great opportunity to gain all of your training in the same package over a period of 16-weeks. The initial 14-weeks of training will include a real mix of both hands-on practical learning and classroom-based theory sessions taught by our talented instructors who have years of experience both teaching and working out in the industry themselves.

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For more information about our range of Electrician courses give us a call on 01322 280 202. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and book courses over the phone. You re also more than welcome to visit our centre in person. Our office is open 7-days-a-week between 8:30 - 16:30!

For those who live outside of the local area you should know that we have accomodation available to our students. Our accomodation is available for the reasonable price of just £20 a night. If you are interested make sure that you contact us ahead of your Electrician courses with us as spaces are limited.

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