Due to the construction industry often dealing with potentially hazardous materials and environments, the rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of workers and customers must be rigorous and regularly updated as the sector evolves.

With that being said, it’s vital that these regulations, along with a high quality of work, form an integral part of any construction training course, equipping the next generation of tradespeople with a clear and decisive understanding of their importance every single day. 

To ensure this is the case at Able Skills, many of our courses and qualifications are approved or accredited by City & Guilds, the UK’s most recognised training and educational institute, ensuring all teaching and assessments meet the highest possible industry standards. 

What is City & Guilds?

For more than 140 years, City & Guilds has worked with people, organisations and governments to deliver skills development across a variety of job sectors, including crucial work in construction.

The organisation specialises in work-based learning programmes in industries and sectors which offer the strongest prospects for jobs and growth. 

What is a City & Guilds approved centre? 

A C&G approved centre is authorised to deliver and assess the organisation's qualifications. This could be a school, college or higher education institute, professional and technical education organisation or a business. 

C&G also helps to optimise these centres’ delivery of professional and technical education. This could include things like creating a portfolio of qualifications relevant to their job market, improving the quality of teaching, improving learners’ English skills and advice on expanding the business.

Why would I look for training that is City & Guilds recognised?

Before earning the coveted C&G accreditation a course must meet strict benchmarks and be delivered by an institution that has a solid organisational structure, with teaching, assessment and administrative processes all in line with meticulous standards. 

Essentially, anyone completing a course accredited by C&G will be doing so to a level that meets the latest industry standards.