There is a shortage of skilled electricians in the industry!

Here at Able Skills we are passionate about the Electrician courses that we teach. We enjoy helping students to learn and develop new skills and producing new professionals that are capable and competent enough to leave here with the confidence to kick-start a new career in the trade! The industry has always had an issue with a lack of skilled workers not just in the trade of electrics but in the construction industry as a whole. There has been some newly released statistics on the state of the industry. According to these findings, apparently half of the UK has a shortfall of more than 50 electricians, according to new analysis into the shortage of tradespeople in the electrical industry based of job vacancies.

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There has been an issue over the last decade across the entire construction industry, with young people not being interested in learning a trade. As the older generation retires there simply aren't enough young skilled people taking their place. According these recent findings the industry needs an additional 15,000 fully qualified electricians over the next five years, businesses really have got to make developing the next generation of electricians a priority. The global pandemic has made many people think about their current employment and look towards new opportunities and new ways to take control of their career. Becoming an electrician can be empowering as there are so many different roles and routes you can go down and even the ability to become self-employed. Electricians are also the highest earners in the construction industry, with an average of £34,000 a year.

It’s not just the electrical industry which is suffering from a lack of qualified employees though, a government report way back in 2016 found that skill shortages were responsible for a quarter of all job vacancies. Recent analysis has also found that 43% of vacancies in skilled trades were as a result of skills shortages, with 13% including electricians. It is hard to understand why, particularly in the electrical industry, why there is such a gap, there are plenty of jobs and the pay is good, the job is rewarding and there's even support for training with government schemes. Here at our centre we are busy as we continue to provide a high-quality of training options for all levels, whilst maintaining as safe environment for both our students and staff. We offer a full-range of different Electrician courses as there is career progression available for all electricians and there are various paths you can take!

Are a lot of electricians self-employed?

Yes, in fact, most electricians are self-employed or work as independent contractors. Obviously the pandemic has had an effect of everyone, amid a marked slowdown in both construction activity and underlying demand electricians are bouncing back and seeing more work than ever before with many reporting that they have work in their diary months in advance. This is not an industry that is going anywhere and wasn't going to be affected in the long run. There is a certain reliability and job security in this sector, the idea of becoming self-employed is very appealing to many people, allowing you to take control of the hours you work, where you work, what jobs you take, profits are yours and with a weekly average of £1,165 for electrical contractors it's a very competitive career.

As you can see in the video above, our students get stuck into practical tasks here in our workshops. Getting hands-on with practical experience is one of the best ways to learn accompanied by classroom-based sessions covering the theory side of the trade giving you the knowledge and insight on why and what you are doing in the practical tasks. Our courses are completely comprehensive - What we mean by that is you can come to us with relatively no experience and leave feeling confident and ready to enter the industry with recognised qualifications and superb teaching behind you!

If you are looking to become a fully-qualified electrician then our JIB Gold Card Package is the perfect option. This collection of courses boasts everything that we offer from an electrical point of view. The package includes our City & Guilds Level 2 courseCity & Guilds Level 3PAT Testing18th EditionInspection & Testing as well as an AM2 assessment! This is a huge package of training courses and will take around just over 16-weeks to complete. Our courses are taught by instructors with years of experience behind them both in terms of teaching here at our centre and working out on the tools themselves. We are proud of the quality of our teaching and the flexibility that we offer from things like being able to pay as you train and taking on industry-recognised qualifications on a weekends basis. For more information about what we do, click any of the links throughout this article or take a look below for contact details. We hope you take that chance and consider an exciting career in electrics!

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