Thinking about the future? Consider Electrician courses!

We are all looking ahead to the end of this lockdown. If you are thinking about a change of direction, do not overlook the opportunities electrician courses can offer! Becoming an electrician is obviously a big decision, here at Able Skills we aim to make the training process as simple as possible for our students. At this current moment in time, we have suspended all of our training courses, that goes for all trades, due to the pandemic. We will be returning as soon as possible to provide the Electrician courses we are proud to present!

electrician courses

Electrical courses at Able Skills.

What can I do right now?

Well, currently although our usual at centre courses are being put on the back burner. 'Home-Study' options are available for both our Level 2 & Level3 Electrician courses! You can get started straight away learning the theory side of the trade-in your own time, make your time at home productive by getting a head start on your electrical qualification! This option works by providing you with a home-study pack and access to online learning platforms so that you can start getting to grips with the theory, then once we are back in business, you will book time at our centre to learn the hands-on practical skills and take on assessments!

Thinking about the role of a Domestic Installer?

If the domestic installer route is what you are after then you'll be looking to take on our  Domestic Electrical Part-P Package which is a perfect starting point for anyone aspiring to work this role and can be completed over 4-weeks / 20-days. This is a collection of electrician courses that includes all of the training, qualifications, skills and knowledge needed to enable you to register on to a domestic installer scheme in order to be able to self-certify your work and begin working in the industry. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a 'Home-Study' option for this course, however, you can prepare yourself now by doing research and learning the fundamentals of electrical theory and we'll see you soon!

More  Information:

Following the government's advice is critical to protecting the NHS and saving lives. However, during this time do your research and take a look through our website at electrician courses and the many different courses that we offer and prepare yourself as best you can. Many thanks to all of the students bearing with the current situation we will work hard to get you back on track and to aspiring traders we hope to see you soon!

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