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Tiling Course Training Cuts Out The Cowboys!

It's a problem that has afflicted the construction industry over the years that organisations like the HSE and key national trade associations and their members have endeavoured to stamp out. The answer of course, lies with ensuring that all trades personnel undergo accredited training courses at approved training centres like AbleSkills, to gain nationally recognised and verified qualifications. It's also incumbent upon the public at large, whether in the residential or commercial sector, to only engage the services of legitimate trades personnel.Everyone should be aware of the cowboy tradesmen claiming to be professionals and sporting van logos of those guilds and associations which only require a joining fee to become a member to show the logo! This can equally apply to painters and decorators, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters, builders, plasterers and tilers. It's vitally important to carefully check all credentials first and ask to see examples of previous work by reference and customer contact.Too often the temptation to 'get a job done on the cheap' overrides commonsense and the disastrous results speak for themselves. This can apply not only to possible life threatening substandard electrical, gas or plumbing work but to areas such as tiling too. A skilled occupation, where an obvious lack of knowledge and training can so easily lead to bodge, short cut and shoddy results.Every professional tiler should be able to demonstrate that they have completed and fully qualified on industry recognised NVQ tiling courses, such as the City & Guilds complete 8 week tiling course, in order to be verified that they are competent to fully able to carry out the specific tiling tasks that they will be called upon to carry out to the highest of building standards.A professional tiler who comes by a personal recommendation is of course ideal and if they have a website with client testimonials and genuine information to underline their experience and expertise. It is important that a potential customer can check out trade credentials, references and examples of previous work.In addition, it is essential for a tiler to survey the site prior to providing a quotation. An experienced professional would arrive at a potential job fully equipped to gather all the necessary information, measurements and specification required to supply a detailed quotation. This means at the very minimum, 'pen and paper', tape measure and spirit level and being able to reply with confidence to particular questions regarding the time the job is likely to take, preparation required, surface priming, cutting round windows, the laying out procedure of the tiles, edging and corners and even about matching grout colours!Learning about tiling takes time and there are?