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Tiling Courses - Student Story with Nick Theodorou

tiling coursesWhen it comes to Tiling Courses, rest assured we have some talented students studying at Able Skills. Each week sees a wave of new students looking to invest in themselves and start a new career.

With new student Nick Theodorou being no different, we caught up with him to find out a little more about him and how he ended up at Able Skills!

Nick is studying on our City & Guild Tiling Course which runs for 6 weeks and those who are interested in becoming a Tiler then this could be the course for you. Starting off with the simpler aspects of Tiling, such 6 week course allows you to progress your way to more difficult work, all before taking your assessment in the final week!

When asking Nick as to why he chose to learn Tiling, Nick quickly responded by stating there was alot of money involved in the trade and he couldnt wait start earning.

Coming from the world of removals, Nick didnt see the future potential in such work. He has a feeling there won't necessarily be enough demand and secondly lost a spring in his step after doing it for so long. Just like with anything, we should always aim to enjoy what we do and Tiling is what gave a Nick the push to finally make the transition.

tiling courses

When asked what particularly impressed him about our Tiling Courses thus far, was the teaching. Nick told us...

'the teaching is very good here. Terry (our instructor) is always there for any help and its good to know that he has the experience to help me get through the course'

tiling coursesHaving selected Able Skills, he was very happy the reviews he read lived up to what they said. After all, there's nothing like being let down by fake reviews!

Nick now looks forward to his assessment which will take place on the 6th week of his course. In just a month a half, Nick will be competent enough to find work as well as offer private work, which is very impressive considering the short time he'll be learning for.

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