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Tiling Revival!

The news early in 2010 that consumer confidence was returning to the tiling industry was obviously, very much welcomed. The UK trading performance of a major tiling supplier had continued on an upward trend, seeing like-for-like revenues increase by 5.5%, with sales up 3.9%.This is also good news for the construction industry as a whole, and for all those either looking to start a new career, or experienced tradesmen wishing extend their service skills by training to tile.Interior tiled spaces are now enjoying widespread popularity after earlier decades of emulsion painted walls. In fact, the recent history of the tile shows an ever upward rise not seen since the Victorian era!After the Second World War, tilemaking resumed only slowly, with mechanised production helping to cut costs. In the 1950s, the design emphasis was on geometric patterns, but some figurative designs were still made. During the 1950s-1970s, tiles were popular as an exterior facing material for public buildings.By the 1980s, tiles were undergoing a revival and at the turn of the millennium, tiles - colourful, individual, stylish and fashionable - had become almost as popular as they were a century ago. They are again being used to decorate homes and establish company identities, with a vast range of designs available in many differing techniques.Such is the enormous upsurge in tiling interiors, that tiling courses are heavily subscribed to by DIY enthusiasts, especially on weekend courses . For all those seriously interested to enter the construction trade industry,?