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Trade store offers 'new concept' for plumbing industry

A new joint launch by plumbers’ merchant, PTS, and bathroom fittings designer, Ideal Standard, has created what they say is a brand new trade store concept for professionals in the plumbing and bathroom fitting trade.

The new outlet is located on the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate in Hull and has been designed to provide the clients with as much information and experience of the products they need before they buy them. The new layout of the store includes a number of bathroom displays that incorporate interactive information points, giving the tradespeople a chance to touch, feel and handle a product before purchasing.

The PTS North East regional director, Ian Benoliel, said that the demands and requirements of the modern plumbing professional have shifted in recent years and they aim to address those changes with the new store.

“Our belief is that the traditional trade counter layout no longer meets the requirements of the modern installer,” he explained. “They want to handle products and look through information in their own time to make the most informed choice possible. This branch is in response to customer demand and revitalises the traditional approach to add value to the customer experience.”

PTS entered into the project with Ideal Standard so as to offer as big a range of products as possible. Ideal Standard is responsible for a number of the most innovative options available at the store – including the Concept Space range, which is designed to transform any space into a bathroom, no matter how awkward or limited. Ideal Standard has also set up specific displays for brassware and for shower pod options.

Ideal Standard’s director, Alex de Courcy, said that they believe that this new model of store will “set a precedent for the entire industry”.

“We’re meeting the demands of the people who are buying our products and moving away from a purely trade feel,” de Courcy said. “The new facilities will help both PTS and Ideal Standard stand out from the crowd and ensure the hub is a go-to place for the bathroom trade. It offers an entirely new approach to showcasing our products and will help builders, contractors and other trade professionals visualise the projects they are taking care of.”