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Tradesmen in strong demand to help fight floods

Flooding has left much of the UK stricken this winter, with more and more homes suffering from the seemingly endless rain that has deluged the nation.

With severe flooding becoming an increasingly common annual event in the UK, tradesmen and women can put themselves in line for a lot of work opportunities by making sure they have the skills that people will need to protect their homes.

Plumbers, builders, roofers and electricians can all play pivotal roles in flood-proofing peoples homes and aiding with the minimising of damage.

Plumbers are obviously some of the tradesmen who are at the very front of the first line of defence and those who can advise on making particular changes to a home will be in particular demand. Many plumbers are called on to fit non-return valves on the water systems in homes. These valves can be fitted to pipes and drains to stop contaminated water flowing back into a property. The valves act as a barrier and push the water back out of the pipes.

Electricians can help with carrying out more structural amendments to a home that could ensure that the electronic system suffers as little damage as possible if a home is deluged. An electrician can reposition fuse or breaker boxes and sockets higher up on walls, which will protect against the need to completely rewire a home once a flood has subsided. Such an action is particularly valuable in areas that a prone to repeated flooding, with an initial investment in the work paying dividends in the long-run.

Roofers and guttering experts can also be used to not only help make sure gutter systems are free-flowing and not pooling anywhere, but also to install gutter extensions that direct water away from homes in order to alleviated the amount of water in the immediate vicinity.