So you know all about the lucrative pay that electricians or plumbers can earn! And the fact that they may only work 3 or 4 days a week!

The question is : how do you get yourself into the trade and become a fully and properly qualified electrician ? Especially if you are starting from scratch with no knowledge, no special talents and with little or no capital!

The answer is simple - get yourself onto a fully approved and recognised electricians training course!

A school leaver can often find it difficult to find a electrician firm to train with as most electricians tend to be sole traders who can't offer the level of training required. Firms that can offer the required skilled electrician training tend to not want to train staff who may leave and set-up in competition with their former training company.

The mature students may not only face both the above challenges but also the added problem of applying to local colleges which run two-year part time courses aimed at the younger student. Most mature students and even many younger students are of course keen to become qualified as quickly as possible and get going in the industry within months rather than years!

Up until fairly recently, if you were over 25 years old you would have had no chance to become an electrician as no college or employer would look at you. Your only option then would have been to pay a considerable sum to buy a franchise.

The single most important factor in making the break into the electricians industry is your determination to succeed. Once you have made the decision to put time and effort into developing electrician skills, the right training provider will guide you in the right direction to help you achieve your training goals. There are many types of courses which allow you to train over periods of time that suit you and your circumstances and you can even take a short introductory course over a weekend just to see if you like it !