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Training to be a tradesman could be good for your love life

Whilst training to be a tradesman, such as a plumber, tiler or electrician, is an excellent career move, you might be surprised to know it could also be good for your love life.

Furthermore, the current economic climate could make you more in demand than ever when it comes to dating, as research suggests that people with handy skills are most sought after. Some believe that women have gone off bankers and City types because of their bad reputation and the massive crash many of their careers took during the recession. Instead, evidence suggests women are keen on men with some practical skills and a steady income.

Even the celebrities are proving the trend, with singer Lily Allen marrying Sam Cooper, who works as a builder and a decorator. Allen told The Sun of her husband, "He's told me he'll look after me forever. That's what I've always wanted." Pamela Anderson is also said to have dated a tradesman.

Many dating agencies have noted a rise in demand for tradesmen on their sites. MySingleFriend, for example, has said it has seen an uptick in the number of women looking for a man in industries such as plumbing and electrics. In fact, it is urging more single tradesmen to join the site to keep up with demand. There are even dating sites which cater specifically for those who want to meet an eligible tradesman.

One woman who is married to a plumber told the Sun newspaper that, “Picking a plumber was the best decision I’ve ever made.” She said that financially, the family is well off thanks to her husband’s trade and they enjoy a nice home and car and plenty of exotic holidays.

Another woman who is married to a carpenter told the paper, “Best of all, [he] doesn’t just fix things at home for me — he’s just built me a house. I’ve filled it with all the things I always wanted like a dream kitchen with six-burner ovens, wine coolers and gadgets.”