Finally, you are ready to buff polish your wall to complete the tiling process. The buff polish removes any excess dust and leaves the tiles smooth and clean for a superb finish. Make sure you use a clean rag and contain the area to prevent the spread of dust through the house. Here are our three steps on what you need to do.

Step 1. Choose your cloth

For this last polishing phase, you need to use a nice clean dishcloth or tea towel. It needs to be lint free so that it doesn’t leave any fibres in the grout.


Step 2. Check the wall is ready

To check the wall is ready to polish, run your hand over the surface. If it is chalky, then it is ready but this must be the case for the whole wall before you start.


Step 3. Polishing the wall

Move in circular motions across the wall, covering one area thoroughly before moving on to the next. Every now and then shake off your cloth to ensure you are not spreading dust around your tiles. It is best to close your door and open your windows to prevent the spread of dust. Once finished the buff polish, the wall is complete.