Firstly there has been a definite increase in the specification of timber as a construction material in the UK


The survey that uncovered this sharp increase was generated from almost 350 architects, consultants, contractors and merchants. The objective was to ascertain whether the UK is beginning to recognise the merits of timber and the results were clear to see:

63% of respondents say they believe timber is growing in popularity as a construction material. Almost all of these respondents felt that timber can help meet government housebuilding and sustainability targets. Carpentry is a major aspect of construction as a whole and is very important as it plays a role in almost every construction project.

House Building Boom!


There is a huge increase in house-building across the UK at the moment, the population of the UK is ever increasing. The government recently created a scheme and set a target of 300,000 houses to be built in the year. Currently, the industry says that target is not completed and about 220,000 homes have been constructed. Carpentry plays a big role in the construction of homes and this could be a great time for carpentry workers. They will be looking at a mass of job opportunities, pay rises and demand!

At Able Skills, we have an array of Carpentry Courses! These courses can help you gain the understanding and practical ability to become a professional and join the workforce marking massive profit from the housing boom! It doesn't matter what skill level you have before coming into our training centre, we have specialised courses depending on your ability and level that will guide you to the right step in terms of certification and qualifications.


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For example, if you have no ability whatsoever and you would like to make a start on your journey towards a career in carpentry we have a couple of options for you including our Introduction to Carpentry Course. Or if you have the basics already down and you are ready to commit to the trade you should consider taking a City & Guilds Carpentry Course, this course is a full-time hands-on course that will give you the exact tools and requirements to find employment after leaving our centre, we have no doubt that upon success in the course you will be able to find work in the industry!

Want to take one of our Carpentry Courses?


There are three ways to enrol onto one of our Carpentry Courses. Firstly, you can apply through our website, simply select the course and check the nearest availability! Secondly, you can contact us via phone on - 0808 100 3245. Lastly, you can come to our centre and ask about our available courses, book and see the facilities in person; our training centre is in Dartford. We are open 7-days a week from 8:30 - 4:30!

Check out this video below, taking a look inside our busy carpentry centre, students today are getting demonstrations from our two instructors and actively learning by getting some practical experience. All the students here are on diffrent courses that suit their needs and all are encouraged to be the best they can be!