UK Construction is up 5.5%, you can make that even higher!


A recent review showed a 5.5% increase in the value of construction contracts awarded from May to June 2019 in the UK. This is great for the entire construction sector as it means that the value of the contracts that companies are taking on has gone up meaning expansion, growth and development within the country!

The statistics show that the two aspects of construction that are currently dominating are infrastructure and residential. The northeast of England had the highest share of contracts awarded, with 36.3% no other region in the UK had a share of more than 14%.

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UK construction is up 5.5%

London is leading in only two of the eight sectors with a 26.3% share in the residential market and a 23.7% in the commercial & retail areas, while the East Midlands region held the top spot for the industrial sector, largely due to investment in warehousing and storage.


What's the problem?


Clearly, this is fantastic news for the sector overall, however, the industry in the UK could be doing much better but SME's and some larger companies are facing a problem...

There is a massive skills gap that is causing problems for a lot of housebuilding companies. The fact is that there simply isn't enough qualified and trusted workers in the construction sector. Which means that these smaller companies are finding it hard to meet the workforce requirements to grow and build effectively!

That's where you come in...Have you ever thought of taking up construction training? Maybe you have heard about the pay rise in certain trades such as bricklaying and you want a piece of the pie?

bricklaying courses

Bricklaying students getting some practical experience at Able Skills


Well, there is no better time like the present! We can help you on the path to changing or starting a career, doing some work on the side and even help guide you on the path towards owning your own business!

The UK desperately wants to build homes and meet their projected targets, the population of the country is ever increasing and its construction trades like bricklaying, plastering and tiling that are needed.

There is a huge demand in bricklaying currently, there aren't enough people picking up the trade and getting the job done. Therefore, in the last 6-months, we have seen a sharp and dramatic increase in the average earnings of bricklayers across the country!

We offer full-time hands-on training that will leave you qualified and ready for employment upon completion. Firstly, if you have no experience whatsoever then we would recommend that you enrol in one of the starter bricklaying courses. Such as the Introduction to Bricklaying Course as this course will provide you with a solid foundation of construction work as a whole, practical experience in the trade and an understanding of what day-to-day site work would be like!

If you have already completed the Introduction to Bricklaying Course or another of our bricklaying courses and you are looking to seriously make a career from bricklaying. Then you need to consider taking on of our long term options that will reward you with a qualification.

Our NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying Course Is the complete package, this 8-week course will provide candidates with as much knowledge of Bricklaying as is possible. Any student completing this course will find themselves entirely ready for building site employment, you will gain a City & Guilds qualification and a route to NVQ level 2 in terms of preparation.

Want some more information?


There are multiple ways to contact us and to book one of our bricklaying courses or any other course here at our training centre. Firstly, you can apply for courses through our website, just select the course you are looking to enrol onto and click 'reserve your space'. Secondly, if you would like to speak to a member of staff here at Able Skills, be sure to call - 0808 100 3245. Lastly, if you would prefer to speak to us in person then you can come down to our office in Dartford, we are open every day of the week between the hours of 8:30 - 4:30!