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Underfloor heating suggested for new homes

Any homeowners that are considering building their own property should give thought to underfloor heating.

Boilerguide has urged homeowners to consider the system as a cost-effective alternative.

David Holmes, founder of Boilerguide, said that underfloor heating was a good way of "economising a property whilst also adding value to it".

He added: "Underfloor heating can provide a comfortable degree of heat in a home at around two degrees Celsius less than a conventional central heating system."

Mr Holmes suggested another benefit was that there would be less space taken up by radiators.

According to Boilerguide, smaller houses can save 20 per cent on their fuel bills while larger homes could get cut as much as 40 per cent.

The most common form of underwater heating is by the installation of a number of hot water pipes beneath the floor.

The Romans were the first to develop underfloor heating, which was used in the houses of the rich in colder climates.