Are you planning to decorate your home this summer, maybe painting or wallpapering? You can train and get some skills at Able Skills.

Are you going to be wallpapering this summer in your own home?

Are you going to be wallpapering this summer in your own home?

Every year people sit in their homes and decide that they want to decorate and especially in the summer people want a fresh look. From wallpapering to painting, people are always looking to upgrade their homes.

You could even train and be taught how to carry out these jobs professionally here at Able Skills. Whether you are looking to wallpaper or paint a whole room we have five day courses that are perfectly structured to give people the exact skills they are looking for.

Here at Able Skills we offer a whole range of decorating courses for students looking to pick up some basic skills or even looking for a whole career change. We have a wide range of courses on offer and our students get everything they need from the courses.

A very popular decorating course is the five-day wallpapering course which is completed from Monday – Friday and covers all areas of wallpapering with different types of paper.

This has proven to be a hit with people looking to carry out some DIY work in their own homes and wanted to get some skills in wallpapering. Many people have taken this course and been so happy that they have come back for more courses.

Mark, our decorating instructor, works extremely hard with all his students and dedicates himself in giving the best possible training. All his students on all his decorating courses have fantastic things to say about him and how he goes the extra mile for his students.

We also offer a five-day basic Painting & Decorating course. This focuses on all areas of decorating and allows our students to get some basic DIY skills.

If you are interested in wallpapering your home this summer and you need the skills to do it, contact us today on 0808 100 3245. We will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.