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Time to Crack Down on Faulty Electrics?


With everyone enjoying their new gifts given to them on Christmas morning, many overlook the dangers that come along with their new toys. From stocking fillers like extra chargers to brand new tablets and phones, we could be guilty of overlooking these as faulty as many have been bought from overseas! Many Electricians would have been quick to take note, but what about the average user?!

According to a report carried out earlier this summer by Electrical Safety First, 30% of people questioned stated they have admittedly fallen for fake electrical goods they bought online which they originally believed to be genuine. If you want a more shocking figure, then hows this... KPMG stated that over the past 2 years alone, a total of £116m has been taken from the public from the sale of fake and dangerous electrical goods. What's more disturbing is that the risk of electrical fires are set to increase as it's believed the purchasing of such electrical goods is set to rise.

Let's look at this from another angle

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Although £116m sounds like a lot, the true cost of these items doesn't stem from money. Earlier this May, St John's Wood (North West London) saw an electrical fire break out in a flat leading to 20 people evacuated. The London Fire Brigade said it believed an unbranded mobile phone charger caused the blaze. Does savings a few pounds on cheap electrical items still seem worth it?

Unfortunately not everyone will be clued up on how to stop true electrical goods from the fake ones, what everyone can do is do our best to seek help from a trained professional such as those who have Electrician Training under heir belt. You may even be looking to undergo an Electrical Course in the new year to help safe guard your home from sub standard electrics in the future. If that's the case, feel free to browse our Electrical Courses online.