Ways to take on Plumbing Level 2!


Yesterday we talked about how our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course is the perfect starting point for anybody looking to become a professional plumber, however, we want you to be aware of out alternative training methods. Now, we understand that people out there interested in this cause may already have an existing job and might find it hard to take 6-weeks away from that place of work so we have devised some alternative training methods that we will talk about today to hopefully help those strapped for time, that still want to gain a plumbing qualification through our plumbing courses and switch careers!


Plumbing courses

Plumbing courses here at Able Skills.


What is Level 2 Plumbing?


This course is the perfect starting point for anybody aspiring to become a professional in this trade. This is an industry recognised, City & Guilds formal trade qualification and is required in order for candidates to progress further in their plumbing career. The course will provide you with a range of plumbing skills covering various topics including Electrical principles and processes, Common plumbing processes, Cold water systems, Domestic hot water systems, Sanitation, Central heating systems and Drainage systems.


Alternative training methods?


One way that we make it easier for busy people to achieve this qualification is by running it on the weekends, yes that's right...We offer this course on a 'Part-time' basis meaning that you can attend Able Skills for 2-weekends a month and slowly gain an insight into the trade, a theoretical understanding and a practical skill. You will obviously gain the exact same City & Guilds, industry recognised qualification at the end ; the only difference is the length of time it will take to complete, however, if you struggle to find time during the week this could be the perfect alternative for you!


Another method of completing this qualification with us is through 'Home-Study ' - Meaning that you will learn the theory side of the trade in your own time and then book 4-weeks (Separate weeks broken up at your discretion) to attend our training centre to learn the practical side and complete exams. This method takes 2-weeks of the process and allows you to study the theory at your own pace and in a manner that you see fit...We will provide you with a 'Home-Study Pack' that will contain all of the relevant information as well as access to the online learning platform 'Smart-screen' to assist you in your study. This Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course will cover various aspects of plumbing, including:


  • Health and safety in building services engineering
  • Electrical principles and processes for building services engineering
  • Scientific principles for domestic, industrial and commercial plumbing
  • Common plumbing processes
  • Cold water systems
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Sanitation
  • Central heating systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Understand how to communicate with others within building services engineering


Contact Us:


Want to gain some more information about our range of plumbing courses? Here at Able Skills we are easy to contact; simply call us on 0808 100 3245. If you would rather speak to a member of staff in person then feel free to come into our office here in Dartford, Kent between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30. - We will help you in any way that we can from answering questions to helping you enroll. We will even show you around our facility so that you can get a feel fro the environment that you could be studying in, come and see our great workstations, classrooms, tools, equipment, appliances and instructors.


If you live outside of the greater London area please be aware that we do have accommodation available to our students for the reasonable price of £20 per night. - Give us a call before your course is due to start if interested in accommodation as spaces are limited.


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