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Looking to take up Plastering? Maybe you are sick of your current line of work and you're looking for a change of pace or you've just left school and have no idea what to do one of our Plastering Courses could be for you... Plastering is a great professional to get into, they will always be needed and as of late it is a very profitable trade to get into.

No previous knowledge of Plastering? If you have no previous experience in plastering then we would recommend starting with the basics, this would be through our Introduction to Plastering Course. Or if you don't have any ability in the trade but you are sure you would like to pursue it then you could enrol in a 6-week Accredited Plastering Course! This course is a  bespoke programme of training that meets the needs of the industry. This course is specifically designed to ensure that candidates have the skills that are current and essential to secure work.

Here is our Plastering Instructor showing new students a demonstration on how to correctly prepare and mix plaster:


J Brazier

"Able Skills looked like the best centre when I was researching and they didn’t disappoint. I thought the tutors were excellent and I really enjoyed myself on the course, I had a good laugh. I met some great people on my course and had a really good time."

Overall Rating – Excellent

S Ndebo

"This was a very good course, I learned a lot within a short amount of time. I will definitely be recommending Able Skills. My teachers were both very knowledgeable and always made the course pleasant and very enjoyable."

Overall Rating – Excellent

J Whorlow

"Spencer had a very good and easy-going manner and was always extremely helpful in all tasks. The course was relaxed but packed full of information and business-like. I was very happy with it all."

Overall Rating – Excellent

K Gurung

“It was a very good experience and amazing training course. Teaching methods we great and tutors were all really friendly. I will be coming back for some more courses.”

Overall Rating – Excellent

C Murias

"I found this course very good. Good mix of practical and health and safety elements. Also, tutors were great giving advice I may encounter when working in a property. They had great teaching skills. A lot of knowledge and they were both very approachable."

Overall Rating – Excellent

A Money

"From day one of the course, we felt at ease and the tutors, Joe and Spencer took time to help and show you where you are going wrong and show you how to do it right. Thanks!"

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If you want some more information about any of these plastering courses, you can come to our centre. We are open 7-days a week! Come into our office anytime between 8:30 - 4:30. Or, if you would prefer to talk to  us feel free to call us with any questions or for bookings at - 0808 100 3245

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Able Skills is an accredited centre securing approval to deliver qualification training from City & Guilds