What is the JIB Gold Card?

Here at Able Skills we are host to a huge range of electrician courses, no matter what qualification you are looking for, we have got you covered! If you work within the electrical industry you are most likely aware of a what a 'Gold Card' is however as a new entrant there are so many awards, cards and qualifications out there, it can be hard to know what's what. - Today we will be looking at what a JIB Gold Card is, if you need one and how to achieve this status with the help of our training centre!

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An ECS Card Example.

What is JIB?

Firstly, what is JIB? JIB or Joint Industry Board is a governing body for employment standards. They help to identify who should be working out on-site and the limitations of that. The JIB help to maintain security and stability in the workplace. In doing so, they helps to assure clients that they are dealing with qualified and competent workers. The JIB is important to electricians as they are the administer the ECS scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. So the card itself if a ECS card, regulated by the Joint Industry Board.

Do I need one?

If you are looking to work outside of a domestic setting, such as on a construction site, working within commercial buildings, industrial projects you will need some level of ECS card. The ESC Gold Card, in particular, is an ID that proves the holder is a qualified installation technician. Therefore, is evidence the holder has completed the necessary training and is a competent electrician.

How do I obtain a Gold Card?

The requirement for securing yourself this card is having a Level 3 NVQ in the trade. If you are already an experienced electrician then you can take this assessment with us, we will send an Able Skills electrical assessor to your place of work on two separate visits to judge your competence and establish if you meet the standard for an NVQ. If you are a new entrant or a complete novice seeking a career in the trade and you aim to eventually gain a 'Gold Card' our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package is the best method of gaining all of the training that you need. This package includes almost every course that we offer from an electrical point of view and is our biggest training package. Put simply if you want to learn to become an on-site electrician from start to finish there is no better package around!

After completing this course or achieving a Level 3 NVQ - You'll need to register for a MyECS then you will need to provide proof that you have the right qualifications for the card you're applying for. You can upload these as scans, or good quality digital photographs. Check that you meet the Health & Safety requirements for your card. By having a Level 3 NVQ  you may be exempt from taking the ECS Assessment if you already hold or are taking a separate qualification for your specific card. There is no ongoing subscription fee to become a Registered Electrician. Once you sign up you’ll be able to download a virtual card (via a smartphone) showing your Registered status – at no cost.

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