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Electrical Courses and Electrician Training at Able Skills

The JIB Gold Card Route provided by Able Skills holds a full set of Electrical Courses and Electrician Training that will ensure you become a JIB Gold Card Approved Electrician. We thought it would be a good idea to outline exactly what a route like this includes with a breakdown of each course and what you can expect.

We'll answer questions such as what you'll be doing first and even something to consider when successfully obtaining JIB Gold Card Status. Here's how it starts...

C&G 2365 level 2

The 2365 Level 2 Electrical Course is the ideal start for not only those who seek JIB Gold Card Status, but for those who are looking to start working on site and maybe want to book further Electrician Training further down the line. For anyone reading this who already holds some electrical experience, but needs some form of qualification, rest assured this is something you can do too! Please note the level 2 can be achieved in 7 weeks!

C&G 2377 PAT Testing

The two PAT Testing qualifications we offer are as follows:

  • C&G 2377-22: In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT)
  • 2377-32: Management Requirements for the Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

Portable Appliance Testing courses are predominantly theory based as there are on-line exams to complete however there is also a practical assessment associated with the C&G 2377-22 award so practical training with the aid of PAT testing equipment will be undertaken.

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Electrician Training at Able Skills

18th Edition Course

The 18th Edition as you know, is something anyone carrying out electrical installations needs to achieve by law. It is an offense to do this without having the latest knowledge on wiring regulations and therefore we include this on the JIB Gold Card route.

C&G 2365 level 3

The Level 3 is a natural stepping stone for anyone who has completed their Level 2. After learning what is taught on the 2365, students can expect to take their skills and knowledge to the next level on a course like this. Here's what's covered:

  • 301 - Level 3 Understand the fundamental principles and requirements of environmental technology systems, assessed by way of an online exam
  • 302 - Level 3 Principles of Electrical Science, assessed by way of a 2 hour written exam and a short practical task
  • 303 - Level 3 Electrical Installations: Fault Diagnosis and Rectification, assessed by way of online exam and a practical assessment
  • 304 - Level 3 Electrical Installations: Inspection, Testing and Commissioning, assessed by way of online exam, a practical assessment and a 2 hour written exam
  • 305 - Level 3 Electrical Systems Design, assessed by a written design assignment and an online exam
  • 308 - Level 3 Career awareness in building services engineering, assessed by a written assignment and a short answer exam.

2391-52 Inspection & Testing

Next up is the 2391-52 Inspection and Testing Course which teaches students everything they need to know regarding initial verification and periodic inspection and testing. Ideally, a course like this is for electricians who may not have carried out inspection and testing since qualifying and need some form of update of training.

NVQ Level 3

Ofcourse, the NVQ Level 3 is what most electricians aspire to gaining as it automatically makes you stand out from anyone working within electrics and is a big step in ultimately achieving JIB Gold Card status. Please remember that after gaining your NVQ level 3 you can update your ECS card for an experienced worker card which will help you get those higher paying jobs!

All we require you to do is pop in for a profiling session where we explain the criteria you'll need to meet in order to successfully achieve your NVQ. You will be assessed on two site visits.

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Electrician Training at Able Skills

AM2 assessment

Our AM2 centre is where your level of competence will be put to the test. This can only be booked after achieving your NVQ Level 3 and is suitable for the following people:

  • Apprentices approaching the end of their training for the JIB Apprentice Training Scheme and the Electrical Installation Modern Apprenticeship.
  • Others wishing to accredit practical experience.

It really is a sign of high level understanding should you complete your AM2 which will certainly place you above many others that are not currently an experienced Electrician.

What About After?

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Able Skills Electrical Courses and Electrician Training are both City & Guilds Accredited

After successfully achieving JIB Gold Card Status, students can take their level of competence to the next level within electrics through a special course called the C&G 2396 Level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations. As per our website, the course is intended for personnel in electrical contracting companies who have responsibility for the quality of the design, specification, installation and verification process.

Think You're Up For It?

We've trained many students who have chosen the JIB Gold Card Route as aspiring electricians see the advantage of making a huge saving when booking such Electrical Courses and Electrician Training at once.

Please click here if you would like even more information on the JIB Gold Card Route and feel free to pop down to Able Skills and get an up close and personal look at where you'll be training towards a new career.