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When being Gas Safe can be just plumb wrong!

The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering ( CIPHE) has recently admitted concern that some housholders, landlords and owners of commercial premises presume Gas Safe registration covers other areas of plumbing installation or repairs - in addition to the handling of gas.Quite simply stated - it doesn't !

The CIPHE emphasise most strongly that Gas Safe registration concerns gas - and only gas.

All other aspects of public safety relating to plumbing and heating engineering are covered by competencies and qualifications that installers should hold to carry out work safely. Gas Safe registration on its own is not enough to prove that a plumber is professionally qualified.

This was highlighted in the media recently after it was discovered that a widow in the Midlands had been using unhealthy water for two years because an installer had wrongly connected mains taps to a stagnant tank of water after fitting a new boiler in her home. There has been an urgent request for an investigation to see if the installer involved was Gas Safe registered.