A hand holding a paint brush painting architrave white

With warmer temperatures, lighter nights and a shed-load of bank holidays, spring has arrived and many of us will likely be using the next few weeks to complete odd jobs and unfinished DIY projects around the house. 

While there are certain jobs that require the expertise of professional tradespeople, such as anything that involves gas or electrical appliances, there’s plenty of home improvement work you can take on yourself that will quickly transform your abode even when working on the tightest of budgets. 

So as we head into the bank holiday season, what DIY jobs are set to be the most popular? According to research (via The Sun) from Checkatrade last year, below are some of the tasks homeowners have been frequently tackling themselves. 

Walls, fences and new carpets

According to Checkatrade’s findings, painting interior walls is the most popular DIY job, with 25% of homeowners deciding to spruce things up. Adding new carpet is second with 18% of homeowners opting for this, while painting the fence completes the top three with 17%. 

Wallpapering and curtains

Also featured in the most common DIY jobs is wallpapering, with 16% of respondents opting for this home improvement, followed by hanging curtains or blinds at 14% and adding a gallery wall at 10% 

The 10 most popular DIY jobs 

  1. Paint walls
  2. New carpet
  3. Paint fence
  4. Paint ceilings
  5. Wallpapering
  6. Paint skirting boards
  7. New light fitting
  8. Re-grout/replace bathroom tiles
  9. Hang curtains/blinds 
  10. Paint/oil interior doors

The research also highlighted the main reasons for people wanting to carry out DIY work. 33% of those surveyed said they wanted to update their home’s style, 25% said they wanted to add value to their property and 23% chose to complete work themselves as a way of saving money. 

Mike Fairman, CEO of Checkatrade, said about the findings: “Whether it’s giving a living room a new lease of life with a lick of paint or freshening up a bathroom by re-grouting tiles, keeping up with smaller and more affordable improvements means we can continue to keep our homes in top shape.”