Why become a plumber?


Able Skills has been a training institution for over 10-years, we have heard every reason people decide to become plumbers, from a young age or later in life. We are experienced in teaching this subject and we know the benefits of a career in the trade...Our instructors are the best people to learn from, with their years of experience working out in the industry, they know every scenario you could come across and how to work around it, they have also spent years teaching at our centre, so they know how to get across the information effectively. If you are considering a career in the trade, take a look at some great reasons to get a move on: 


plumbing courses

City & Guilds Accredited Plumbing Courses


Firstly, why plumbing?


Plumbing is a great trade to get involved with, for a number of reasons, but why is now the time? In the UK there is still a shortage of trained plumbers, which means that you will not have difficulty seeking a job. There is a huge demand for plumbers at the moment which should be taken advantage of - plus the variety of job roles also increases the likelihood you will find employment quicker than you think, including; industrial, residential maintenance and repair, residential and business construction, water treatment plants and many more...


Job Stability:


  • Job stability is an advantage of this kind of work trades like plumbing aren't going anywhere - plumbers will always be needed. This is great, no need to worry about your job in any way, you can even become self-employed relatively easily in this trade - obviously building a reputation in your local area is necessary, but it could pay off drastically in the long-run!




  • The work changes from day to day so you are never bored working in the same environment for months. Different surroundings, new people and new problems to solve will kind you sharp and engaged with your work instead of being stagnant and feeling repetitive!


Competitive salary:


  • Plumbing has always been a skill with decent pay, but now more than ever - the skills gap is resulting in huge pay rises for plumbers with average earning of around £35,000 - £60,000. Plus with the ability to become self-employed the possibilities are endless!


Looking for plumbing courses?


If you are looking to learn the trade then you're in the right place we offer comprehensive, hands-on plumbing courses of all different levels. If however you are completely new to practical skills and you have little knowledge of the subject then we would suggest first enrolling on our 5-day Introduction to Plumbing course to get a feel for it and to see if you would like to progress from there.

Upon completion of the introductory course or if you have some previous knowledge then you may want to move on towards our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course. If you want to become a qualified Plumber then this industry-recognised entry-level 2 will be your starting point. This course will start with the fundamentals of plumbing and then move towards gaining some more advanced knowledge and ability on the subject over a period of 6-weeks!



For those with prior commitments or an existing job, they cannot take time away from, we offer the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course on a weekend basis (on a 2 weekend on and 2 weekends off basis). This will hopefully be useful for some people who currently struggle to find time to train but can make time on two weekends a month to get some quality career-changing knowledge. You will receive the exact same City & Guilds qualification as you would on a full-time basis the only difference in the length of time it will take you to complete the course in its entirety.



Yes, that's correct we offer a home study alternative training method for this course. The way it works is you will receive a 'home-study pack' and access to the online platform 'SmartScreen' using these two over a period of 3-6 months you will study the theory side of the qualification in your own time. When you feel confident in your knowledge you will need to book a  period of 4-weeks to come into our training centre, learn the practical side and complete assessments. The Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course could be the alternative method you are looking for!


Want some more information?


If you would like some more information regarding the plumbing courses talked about throughout this article then do not hesitate to give us a call on 0808 100 3245. Alternatively, we have an open policy here at Able Skills, don't be afraid to come straight into our office Monday to Sunday between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30. We will show you around, answer questions and guide you towards the best plumbing courses for your needs. Find us here: 

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Plumbing courses

Able Skills is an accredited centre securing approval to deliver qualification Plumbing courses!