Checkatrade stand at Able Skills

Checkatrade is a name you’ve likely heard whether or not you work in construction. The website has become a vital tool both for tradespeople looking for work, and homeowners and businesses that need construction work carried out on their property. 

What is Checkatrade? 

Essentially, the platform offers a comprehensive database of qualified, reliable tradespeople offering up their services all across the UK, and a streamlined way for customers to discover and hire them. 

How does it work?

Customers can filter their search by a specific trade and postcode, or alternatively, can search for a business or individual’s name. 

Once a customer has found an appropriate tradesperson, they’re able to quickly and easily access their contact information to arrange the work. This can be done by calling them directly or requesting a quote through Checkatrade. 

Is Checkatrade trustworthy?

With access to more than 6.4 million reviews of a variety of completed jobs, users can hire tradespeople with the peace of mind that whoever they choose is more than equipped to carry out the work at hand. 

Along with public reviews, Checkatrade runs its own strict background checks on all tradespeople wanting to join the platform. To ensure the quality remains at the highest possible standard, all members must meet the requirements set out in The Checkatrade Standard.

The standard covers seven key areas relating to both work and communication, these are:

  • Safety
  • Personal and professional conduct
  • Communication
  • Payments and contracts 
  • Customer reviews 
  • Resolving issues and membership requirements

Anyone found to be in breach of these standards will face a review and potential suspension or termination of membership. 

Due to the confidence in the high level of talent available, a 12-month guarantee is also offered by Checkatrade once a review of work has been left on the platform. The only exception to this rule is for jobs that are unlikely to last a full year, for example, gardening and cleaning.

What trades is it for?

The database includes experienced workers across all trade sectors—from plumbers and electricians to more niche requirements like tree surgeons and patio experts. 

Benefits for Checkatrade members

As well as offering a handy way for tradespeople to build their reputation and generate leads, there are a number of other practical benefits like discounts on building materials, clothing and fuel, free marketing materials and vinyl for your van and enhanced rates for scrap metal, amongst others. 

We recently spoke to former Able Skills student, Mason Wright, who has gone on to launch his own gas engineering business, about the benefits of using Checkatrade from both a tradesperson and customer perspective.

“Checkatrade literally checks everything when you join. They check your qualifications, your public liability insurance, your credit history—everything. If potential customers are aware of such checks, then it must give them peace of mind when they choose to use tradespeople they find on Checkatrade.”

Checkatrade is a regular visitor to Able Skills. They host a stand where students can chat and ask any questions they might have about the platform. Get in touch to find out when they’re next here and come along for a chat.