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Women can shorten the skills gap

As it is very well known, the skills gap in the construction industry is a huge problem and it is preventing construction work from being completed. However, female workers within the industry is on the rise and it may cut the skills gap.


For many years construction trades have been extremely male dominated, however in recent years more and more women are seeing the opportunity in the trade to train up and start working in one of the many trades.

With the expanding construction industry and more and more women training up in the variety of trades. Women could be the ones that cut the skills gap and prove to be the ones that help the much need housing work get finished.

Over the past year we have seen many more women enter the construction industry, with the popular trades being, tiling, plumbing, electrics and decorating. At our training centre in Dartford we have seen a huge increase in women training up in all trades and being very successful. With many saying they feel it’s the best time to get involved in an industry is booming!


Ruth has just started her path to a brand new career in Painting and Decorating, she has said it is a lifestyle change and she is excited about helping the skills gap.

Some recent students have gone on to start their own businesses within the industry and have already been very successful, for example Margery has set up her Handy Women business. She has set up in Glasgow and already has many employee’s training at our centre in Dartford in a variety of different trades.

It has been widely recognised by everyone in the industry that women could be the answer to the construction problems, as it is no longer a male dominated industry. Many women have shown the determination to work hard and show they are capable of working on-site and helping cut the skills gap within the construction industry.