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Record numbers of women are now in the Construction Industry!

Once a very male dominated industry is quickly becoming multi gendered. Women are now seeing the benefits and opportunities for them to enter the construction industry, also they are being offered equal opportunities to progress and work in the construction industry.

Women are now working self-employed within the industry and also on major building sites. With women now working amongst all the trades it means that younger girls at school are given the opportunity to join the construction industry as they can see the reduced chance of discrimination and the increased chance to begin a career in construction.

The percentage of women working as Plumbers, Electricians, Bricklayers and Tilers has increased and is still going up as more and more women are realising they have more opportunities than ever to work in the construction industry. The amount of women within the trade has now hit record numbers and it doesn’t seem to be slowing up with many females training within all trades.

Able Skills offer every training course to both men and women, each week we see more women enrolling onto our courses to start off their career or change their career and enter the construction industry. All our female students are very successful and gain the skills they need so they can begin their careers.

Plumbing, Tiling and Decorating are the three most popular courses for women that we run as the majority of women at our centre will usually take on one of these three trades. One of our most recent students is Rebecca who has been on a very long Tiling course at Able Skills.

Here is Rebecca during her Tiling course. She has also completed Plastering! Here is Rebecca during her Tiling course. She has also completed Plastering!

Rebecca, who also has a qualification in Plumbing, has recently finished college but wanted to continue her education with a tiling course at Able Skills and so far she has completed some great work, this has been well documented on our Facebook page.

Another student who has travelled all the way from Glasgow to train at Able Skills is Madge. Whilst gaining some skills in a number of trades at Able Skills, Madge has set up a Handy Woman business in Glasgow where she plans to put her new skills to good use. Also she is planning to bring down some more women to train at Able Skills. This is a huge boost for women within the industry as it shows that more women are having the ambition to go into the industry and bring others into it as well.

Two female students at Able Skills who are currently on Painting & Decorating courses are Angela and Michelle. They are both being offered work in the industry as people have said they felt more comfortable with a women working within their house, especially the elderly. Both of them were very pleased to see a large number of women at our training centre. However they still believe the number isn’t high enough.

Maybe it’s your time to consider a career in construction because now is a better time than ever for women to get involved within construction and technical trades. If you are interested please contact us on: 01322 280202 and we will be more than happy to help.