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Work your way to a JIB Gold Card

It can be a long journey to becoming a fully qualified Electrician, however, it is a journey that will certainly be worth it!


Starting with the Level 2 qualification all the way to the NVQ and AM2, it is a journey that will reward you with ‘Approved Electrician’ status and you will be a fully qualified electrician.

The Gold Card package pretty much covers every aspect of the electrical industry and every course that is on offer to become a fully qualified electrician. Here at Able Skills, this is a very popular package as it covers every area they need to cover to become a fully qualified electrician.

Here is one student working his way to his earn his Gold Card. Here is one student working his way to his earn his Gold Card.

This package of learning begins with the Level 2 Electrical course, where you will also receive a FREE CK Tool kit, this will be a mixture of theory and practical based learning and the tool kit is yours to keep for the rest of your learning.

Once you have successfully finished the level 2 course, you will then move on the level 3 qualification. However, between these two courses you will take the mandatory three day 17th Edition course, this is all theory based with a two hour multiple choice exam. Also, in the same week you will complete the PAT Testing course for two days with an exam on the final day.

The level 3 course is also a mixture of theory and practical learning, with both written and practical assessments during a seven week period, just like the level 2 course. By this point you will be well on your way to becoming a fully qualified electrician and you will also be able to carry out domestic installation jobs.

When both level 2 and level 3 courses are completed, as well as the 17th Edition and PAT Testing, the next step is the 2394/95 Inspection & Testing qualifications. There are three different parts to this course in order to achieve the qualification. The first part is a week of theory work with an instructor covering everything that is required, after this you will complete two written exams that are both two hours long.

If all goes well and both exams are passed, then practical assessments are booked and completed at our centre in Dartford.

There is no stopping there… After all these courses are completed and passed, you can begin working in the industry and start working towards your NVQ Level 3 qualification. Once you have started working within the electrical industry we will arrange some on-site visits for our assessor to come out and assess you within the work place.

Finally you will do the AM2 assessment, this is a practical assessment. The purpose of the AM2 is to ensure all qualified electricians achieve a single standard that has been agreed by the employers in the industry as meeting their needs from qualified personnel. AM2 is a practical assessment with a short online component, taken over 2.5 days.

This Gold Card package will teach you to be an Electrician, a Domestic Installer, to test portable appliances, to inspect and test on both single and three phase supplies and you also achieve a level 3 NVQ and AM2!!!

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