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Commercial Gas Training

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Able Skills has their own accommodation available at £20 per night for those of you who are travelling longer distances to train with us.

Commercial Gas Courses

Able Skills is an approved CITB Commercial Gas Training and Gas Assessment Centre.

Able Skills dedicated Commercial Gas Centre is fully equipped for both gas training and gas assessment purposes.

Our qualified team of gas trainers and assessors will provide guidance, support and assistance in a realistic environment to build confidence and competence to work safely within the commercial gas industry.

Commercial Gas Safety Training

This 10 day commercial gas training course has been devised for those of you already working within the Gas Industry and will provide you with the skills and knowledge to undertake ACS assessment.

The training is not for new entrants to the industry.

This training programme is tailored for:

1.    Holders of Domestic ACS certificates (requiring change over)
2.    Existing Commercial Gas Operatives

This 10 day course is divided into sections covering theory and practical applications and will provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding required to undertake formal ACS assessments.

Undertaking this training does not automatically entitle a candidate to undertake ACS Assessment. Each candidate will be assessed throughout the course in order to establish their progress and suitability to move forward and undertake ACS Assessments.

Subject to availability, ACS Assessment can be undertaken immediately after this training period for suitable candidates.

Commercial Gas Training Courses

During this 10 day period of learning, you will undertake both theory and classroom based training. Presentation packs will be readily available which will be backed up by regular handouts to build a comprehensive learning programme.

The practical training areas are completely equipped to enable you to gain a total understanding of every appliance whether you choose to undertake them for assessment purposes or not. The training will enable successful applicants to later move onto assessment for:

•    COCNI
•    CDGA1
•    CIGA1
•    CORT1
•    TPCP1A
•    ICPN1

Course Content

1.    Safety, Legislation and Standards. 
2.    Pressure and Flow.            
3.    Combustion and Gas Safety Controls.          
4.    Flues and Ventilation         
5.    Industrial Pipe work.
6.    Soundness Testing and Purging to IGE/UP/1A.
7.    Industrial and Commercial Gas Fired Appliances.
8.    Flue Analysis.
9.    Burner Controls and Control Systems.

Safety, Legislation and Standards

1.    Introduction to the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.
2.    Additions to the new Regulations.
3.    Testing for soundness and purging. (IGE/UP/1A).
4.    Identification of hazardous installations.
5.    Regulations and Acts:
6.    Building Regulations.
7.    Electricity at Work Regulations.
8.    BS – British Standard

Pressure and Flow

1.    Pipe sizing
2.    Test standing and working pressures.
3.    Relationship between volume and pressure.
4.    Volume release, time and gauge sensitivity.
5.    Manufacturers’ requirements and tolerances.

Combustion and Gas Safety Controls

1.    Theory of flue gas analysis and practical application
2.    Combustion efficiency.
3.    Causes of incomplete combustion.
4.    Flue gas testing.


1.    Operating principles
2.    Flue construction and materials
3.    Termination of flues on appliances up to 150kW.
4.    Natural draught.
5.    Fan assisted, modular and fan diluted flues.


1.    Ventilation by both natural and mechanical means.
2.    Determining and calculating required air flow rates and correction of shortfalls.

Commercial Pipework

1.    Pipework design for commercial applications
2.    Soundness testing and purging (IGE/UP/1A)
3.    Commercial metering.
4.    Boosters and compressors.

Industrial and Commercial Gas Fired Appliances

1.    Both Fanned and Natural Draught Boilers
2.    Modular Boilers.
3.    Direct Fired Appliances.
4.    Radiant Tubes and Overhead Plaque Heaters.

Burner Controls and Control Systems

1.    Burner and Control Systems.
2.    Control train systems and their components.
3.    Flame safeguard systems and valve proving systems.

Cost and Duration of Commercial Gas Training

Duration: 2 Weeks

  • Cost: £995.00 Inc VAT
  • £500 Deposit payable
  • Please call us for our easy installment plans.


Additional Information

Able Skills is open 7 days every week and most courses can be completed either through the week (Mon-Fri) or at weekends (Sat-Sun) – Please call for details

A deposit will secure your start date and any balance can be paid on the start date or spread over the period of your training – Interest Free!

For all workshop based training and/or assessment we recommend suitable clothing and for your safety, protective footwear is essential.

Gas commercial

by Able Skills

Paul K

I took the 3 week Domestic to Gas change over course. I heard able Able Skills through a friend.

My Tutor was one of the best since I started any form of Education, in fact, maybe he is the best. The course itself met with all my expectations and was certainly value for money. I would definitely recommend them to others looking for Construction Training,

Mathys V

I phoned several training centres for quotes for commercial Gas training and found Able Skills offered the most comprehensive course for a fair price. The office staff were very helpful and explained what the course was all about. Able Skills were willing to give me the opportunity to stop the course and restart it after I received news that a friend of mine had passed away. I felt that I was treated as a person and that the college are interested and care about their students. I give them an overall rating of excellent and would definitely attend further training with them.

Shenol H

I found Able Skills on the internet and liked the look of their centre. The staff were extremely friendly too and it was this that encouraged me to train here. Ian Welthy was an excellent teacher, I have already recommended Able Skills to friends and encourage anyone else to contact them regarding Gas training.

Kunce O

I took the Gas Managed Learning Programme. I decided to study with Able Skills because of their price and excellent recommendations. My Instructor Roy is a fantastic “Diamond Geezer”. The course far exceeded all my expectations. Roy was very detailed in his explanations, sometimes going beyond what was expected in the course manuals just so we were all clear. The course materials and practical sessions were also an excellent match. Thank you.

Phil S

Price and distance were important to me when deciding where to train for my 3 week gas course. Roy was very informative and a great teacher. I learnt what I needed and more due to his experience. I would definitely consider training with them for other courses and would recommend them to others.

Kevin A

I chose Able Skills to take my Gas Managed Learning Programme as they had excellent recommendations. I have encountered many trainers and Roy is excellent. Able Skills come highly recommended, Roy makes it easier in training because he teaches properly.

Stewart L

Able Skills offer a clean working environment. The centre is well managed, their facilities are excellent. I will be coming back for more courses and recommending them to others.

Michalis Kontos

Darren King has been a top lecturer, highly recommended!! Cheers Darren. I found Able Skills on the internet and decided to use them because of the cost and distance.

Tom Searles

I was referred to Able Skills by a family friend. They were very helpful on the phone when I called up and this prompted me to take their course. Their instructor Darren King was extremely good at breaking down stuff and making it more understandable. I had an enjoyable time and many laughs whilst training. I would definitely recommend. I am now taking my Gas Portfolio placement through them.


I have just completed the 3 week gas safety course through Able Skills. They had the best price and best explained on the phone by John when I  initially enquired. Darren was my instructor and he was a cool guy. He explained everything clearly and concisely at a pace that everyone could keep up with. The atmosphere created by Darren, Roy and Ian was very calm and allowed for a relaxing learning environment.

Jaedoo Tae

I searched through the website after reading forums where members recommended Able Skills. The course was very informative and value for money. I will be recommending Able Skills to others.

Ramin Armani

When deciding where to take my Intermediate Gas Training, I searched the internet and found Able Skills, who were ideally located for me. I have really enjoyed the 3 weeks training with Darren. He is really good and I have learnt a lot from him. He has been very helpful throughout the whole time. I would definitely recommend Able Skills to others.

Russ Pooley

Darren, my Intermediate Gas Training Lecturer is such a nice guy. His communication is excellent. Really good course material, I would highly recommend to anyone, very enjoyable course.

Greg Mackrill

Into my third month of training at Able Skills. Once again, training could not be faulted. Very knowledgeable instructors and good working conditions along with detailed and well structured learning programmes.

Luke Prentice

I found my three week gas course to be very challenging and informative. Darren obviously knows his stuff and anything we needed to know he had all the answers. He explained things in an easy to learn way and I enjoyed training there.

Lukesh Shrestha

Course was properly laid out in sequential order. Adequate hands out was the plus point for this course. The tutor was co-operative and friendly. Overall the course run smoothly with the fulfilment of my expectation from the course.

Jamie Dickson

I was  recommended to Able Skills by my friend. Darren was a very good tutor and had a lot of time for the students. He made the information very easy to understand.

Mark Bone

I came to Able Skills as my friends gave them glowing references. Darren explained everything in great clarity. Some parts that I did not understand, Darren took me aside to give further explanation, He was extremely helpful throughout the course.

Daniel Margroth

Very good course, tons of information was provided to help. Simon explained everything, and was happy to go through it again when you didn’t understand. It was an excellent course and i would highly recommend.

Stevan Lewis

Awesomeness. This course was completed at the weekends, I would definitely recommend.

Naz Maitmog

Found on the internet, decided to use their weekend option. The course was very informative and at an easy pace.

David Nolan

Due to the excellent quality of the tutors and course plans, I have gained confidence in my skills and will continue taking able skills training courses in the future.

Lee Woodgate

I came to Able Skills because they were highly recommended and I thought they seemed to be good value for money. Roy made the course enjoyable whilst keeping things safe and informative. Excellent tutor!

Richard Harper

Great course with a vast amount of information from the instructors with brilliant knowledge. Thanks!

Kevin Mcelduff

Roy was an excellent tutor, he has vast knowledge and teaches in a friendly and understanding manor. I have really enjoyed my course and feel I have learnt about gas in a straight forward way.

William Bloomfield

Roy is an outstanding tutor and I would recommend to anybody who is thinking of doing gas.

Christopher Alavi – Gas Training Course

All the staff were very friendly, professional and helpful. Darren was a very knowledgeable tutor who inspired confidence in me as a student. He was always very professional and approachable whenever I had queries/questions/doubts about anything. He was always willing to help. Most of all, Darren made 3 weeks on a gas course enjoyable and was an absolute pleasure being tutored by him.

Tanweer Rehal – Gas Training Course

Darren helped me throughout the course to understand important factors of gas training and found facilities to be very good.

Timmy Vowles – Gas Training Course

I found Able Skills on the internet. I had considered other centres but I choose Able Skills because they had the best feedback. I choose Able Skills because they had the best facilities out of all the centres that I looked at and that they didn’t have pushy sales people they just helped me decide what my best option was. Ian and Daren were very good tutors and they helped me where ever possible. The accommodation was amazing for the price. At Able Skills they have amazing facilities; my overall experience at Able Skills was excellent.

Mani Rai – Gas Training Course

I heard about Able Skills though friends and a solider magazine. I did consider a training company in the midlands where my friends go but I choose Able Skills because they had a higher exam pass rate, and the training is very good.

Roy Douglas–Gas Training Course

i heard about Able Skills from family members that have trained with Able Skills but also because I have done a course with Able Skills before. Therefore I didn’t consider training anywhere else. At Able Skills they are good value for money and the tutors are very supportive and help whenever they can.

Matthew Abuwa– Gas Training Course

I found out about Able Skills on the internet .I had consider another training company but chose Able Skills because the courses looked better and let me spread my payments out instead of making me pay for the course all up front. The tutors at Able Skills were brilliant and excellent training.

Kenneth Jeffery – Gas Training Course

Even though I had considered other training company’s, Able Skills sounded better and friendlier. It was a very enjoyable course both Ian and Darren really helped me and i enjoyed the fact that i had two tutors because they both gave different options which really helped me. I had a great time at Able Skills.

Tom Davey– Gas Training Course

I all ready knew about Able Skills though word and mouth and I also looked on the internet to find out more information, didn’t think to go anywhere else because my friend did a course with Able Skills and said that it was really good. I was given a folder at the beginning of the course and they were very clear and helpful, they were easy to interpret better than a book and they still had all the relevant information. Both of my tutors were excellent and i liked that they gave me two different views

Michael Townsend– Gas Training Course

I knew about Able Skills because i had done a course here before. Able Skills are value for money and tutors are really good and the training is amazing.

M Oliver:

“I have already done my level 2 plumbing and Part P with Able, all at weekends. I found the gas course intense over the time allocated but my overall knowledge of gas has increased and I am looking forward to putting into practice what Roy has drummed into us.”

P Daniels:

“Able Skills was recommended by a friend. The location, price and the general environment for learning suited me perfectly. Roy and all of the staff were very helpful and accommodating. I’m grateful for my time spent here”

R Ali:

“I looked and visited other centres and Able Skills were the only ones who didn’t keep calling and chasing me to book so because you weren’t pushy, I decided to book. Throughout the course, Roy was a very helpful teacher and the facilities catered for all subjects covered – Thanks”

G Carslake:

“After visiting Able Skills to see the centre I was happy to book with you. I like your set up and weekend training has been ideal, exactly what I needed”

S Knight:

“I chose Able Skills because of their location and availability of weekend courses as I work full time”

A Eardley:

“I chose Able Skills as it is very important for me to be able to train at weekends – I have also done a C&G 6129 (Plumbing) course here as well”

R Gonzalez:

“Able Skills was recommended to me by a friend. I have done a Plumbing 6129 here as well and was happy to continue with you to do my gas training”

F Alaraj:

“Able Skills was recommended by a friend. I struggled at times with the technical terminology but Able Skills helped me to get through this”

E Reshiti:

“Excellent teaching skills from Roy and the availability of weekend training was perfect for me”

W and K Sulinski:

“We found Able Skills on-line and the fact that we could train at weekends was exactly what we needed”

Gary Musto – New Entrant Gas Course

Simon was a very good teacher and had excellent knowledge and patients.  I choose to study at Able Skills due to the proximity to where I live. 


Able Skills has grown and so has the amount of students in attendance and we are being used by everyone right across the UK and abroad.

As a result of the increase in students, Able Skills has purchased 3 properties to accommodate the growing numbers of people travelling from distance.

Able Skills properties are licensed HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) and are fully equipped in line with local authority standards.

The properties will provide you with your own fully furnished room with washing facilities and TV. There are several bathrooms/WCs as well as fully fitted kitchens and a dining areas to eat and/or meet your fellow students.

Able Skills employs someone to maintain the properties on a regular basis and also to ensure that the property is being looked after by those staying.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this accommodation at £20 per night and we are keen to ensure that your time away from home is enjoyable and comfortable. The properties are situated close to all of our training centres and some have allocated private parking facilities.

This enables you to leave your vehicle in a safe and secure environment and make that short walk to whichever course you are attending.

We are a very popular choice of training centre and as a result we are very busy and so is our accommodation. We would recommend that you make every attempt to tie in any accommodation requirements at the time of booking your course.

If our accommodation is full, there are other local alternatives available which range from £20 per night upwards.

During your stay at Able Skills accommodation we will guarantee you a secure area to keep all of your belongings and additionally, we guarantee that the only people using this property are Able Skills students.

Should you require any additional information or wish to book training and accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact Gary, Angela or John on 01322 280 202.

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